Digital Crafting and Free SVGs

Welcome to our digital crafting and free SVG page chock-full of resources for your graphic, crafting, and cutting needs. Here, we share free fonts, free SVG files, free graphics, and so many more fun craft files.

Free Digital Craft Supplies Free SVG Files Free Fonts

Handmade Digital Crafting

Digital crafting is using elements of design (graphics, SVGs, fonts, etc.) to create online or physical products. Most of what we create are gifts, but because we also love hand lettering, we use these components that way, as well.

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Free Christmas SVGs

The holidays just seem to bring out the crafter in all of us, don’t they? I have created so many free Christmas SVG files for you and collected some of the best Christmas cut files from around the web. They will help with gifting and Christmas decor.

Christmas tree with lights and gifts with text which reads Free SVGs and cut files for Christmas

Free Unicorn SVGs for Cricut and Silhouette

Gaining love with our Ruffles and Rain Boots readers, our free unicorn SVGs and cut files are perfect for gifts, decor, and well, just a slew of crafty fun. And you know I only include the absolute cutest files you’ve ever seen because we LOVE unicorns around here).

collection of free unicorn and narwhal cut files with text which reads free unicorn svg files from Ruffles and Rain Boots

Free Mermaid SVG Files for Crafts, Gifts, and Decor

My daughter loves all things mermaid, so I have been making mermaid cut files almost since I began with my first Cricut. Click here to check out all of our free Mermaid SVG files on Ruffles and Rain Boots to help with your mermaid crafting.

vertical collage of 8 mermaid cut files for Cricut and Silhouette machines with text which says free mermaid svg files from Ruffles and Rain Boots

Free Back to School SVGs and Teacher Appreciation Cut Files

If you love the smell of school supplies, you might be interested in all of the free back to school SVG files here on Ruffles. Or maybe you’re making gifts and need a few teacher appreciation SVGs

More SVGs on Ruffles and Rain Boots

I have a TON of SVG files and more coming every week. Some you request (just leave a comment below) and many I share because I’m crafting with my Cricut. 

Another love we have here on the ‘Boots is designing with TONS of amazing free fonts. Each week, I write an email each week just to highlight all the fun and free fonts and digital crafting elements I find.

A couple of free font collections we’ve shared are:

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