Learn How to Draw and Paint 3 Fox Rock Painting Ideas

Learn how to draw and paint three fox rock painting ideas for hiding, sharing, or decorating. And because I love easy, each of these are easy rock painting ideas you can do in just minutes. 

three fox rock painting ideas on white background

Three Quick Fox Rock Painting Ideas

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love to share quick rock painting ideas we can all do together. These three rocks were sketched, drawn, and painted in between backyard pool sessions in about 20 minutes. They are a set of easy rocks to paint and, because they’re just so cute, they would make perfect rocks for hiding. 

In the tutorial below, I share how to sketch and paint each of three fox rock painting designs: 

  • sitting fox rock with cute sleepy eyes, 
  • sleeping fox rock tucked into his tail, and  
  • a peek-a-boo fox in a birch tree scene with open, curious eyes.

Let’s get started with these fun painted stones!

No Time to Paint Now? Pin This for Later

If you’re stuck at work or waiting to find the perfect rock, pin this to a rock painting board on Pinterest to make it easy to find when you’re ready. 

sitting fox rock painting, sleeping fox rock painting, and peek-a-boo fox in the forest rock painting on wood background

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Key Supplies for These Fox Rock Paintings

If you’re new to rock painting, let me spare you a lot of pain: not all supplies are created equally. If you’re not new to rock painting, let me know your favorite rock painting supply in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for new ones to try.

  • For the base layer, do not use a watery cream paint. I used this thick cream paint (it is designed to be chunky) so that I could get the pretty cool wood grain look with just a foam brush. It’s one of my favorite paints of all time, across all my DIY projects. 
  • My secret weapon is these paint pens because they are inexpensive and last a long time.
  • I recommend letting these rocks dry completely – I let my rocks cure at least 24 hours before sealing, especially when I use pens. If you’re looking for a sealant, try this inexpensive one I use a lot or my favorite spray sealant – it’s my favorite, but not the least expensive option. 

square image of fox rock painting ideas on bright white background

Fox Rock Painting Tutorial (Video)

Friends, normally I would take screenshots of the video I made for you but it’s summer and well, I’d rather be in the pool. :) Below, please find the full-length video from my YouTube channel. If you want to follow along with the fun, subscribe to the Ruffles and Rain Boots channel here

Gather What You Need: 

  • rocks (one small, one medium, one large)
  • parchment paint (thick) and foam brush
  • paint pens or paint and paintbrush (orange, white, black, blue)
  • pencil
  • sealant

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