Top 5 Tips for Family Backyard Camping Fun

Family Backyard Camping is so much fun! When people think of camping, they think of hills, mountains, and probably rough terrain many miles from home.

Whereas this type of camping is more exciting, you can create your own little haven of fun right there at home, in your backyard.

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If you’re headed out on a family backyard camping trip, these tips and tricks will get you in the wild in no time.

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Family Backyard Camping

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we’re all about family fun! Even though your schedule might not allow you to explore the wilderness that does not mean you have to miss the fun and excitement.

When creating your own camp in the backyard, there are a number of activities you can engage in that will make your camping be a lot of fun. Find some of these tips below!

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Best Camping in the Backyard Tips

The camping gear matters

No matter whether you are camping in the backyard or out in the wilderness, you need to have the right kind of gear. Get the necessary gear (tents, sleeping bags, flashlights) ready for the backyard camping. It’s a lot more fun if you don’t have to keep running back inside to get stuff.

Plan Food Activities Ahead

You can decide to cook from the main house or carry a portable stove and stimulate the full camping experience. Either way, you want to make sure that you plan it out beforehand. Even snacks can be more fun in the “camp”.

Get The Right-Sized Tent

The tents should be of good quality and big enough to accommodate all of you. No one wants to find out at dusk that both you and the kids can’t fit inside comfortably. Not only are they not going to want to stay in the tent – you’re not going to want to sleep outside. Most likely.

Have games and fun

You will have the comfort of your main house to explore the camping feeling. That means that you will not be having most electronic devices.

Your kids will become bored at some point and you need to keep the excitement going. Carry with you some games and populate others on the go. Games such as scavenger hunts, card games, etc.

Let Loose on the Rules

There’s so much to experience when you’re camping – and sometimes the rules need to be a little looser when you aren’t inside the house. So, let the kids get dirty. At night, you can lay on the ground and gaze at the stars. Be flexible and relaxed on the rules during this period. Let the kids stay up longer than they normally do as a fun perk!

Take a hike around the neighborhood

If you live close to nature, you can take a hike around as an extension to your camping experience. Get in touch with the wilderness, do mock hunts, identify birds, climb rocks and have fun.

You can carry a recording device to make fun memories, too.

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Engage the kids in setting up the campsite

This is more exciting if your kids have never gone out camping before. It is time to teach them how to do it the right way. Engage them from the beginning in pitching the tent. Show them how it’s done and explain the importance of every step you make.

Set Up in the Daytime

Make sure that you set up everything during the day when there is still enough natural light. Setting camp requires some preparation and nighttime could limit how you do it. Plus, the kids, even if they profess not to be scared of the dark, can be creeped-out when the shadows come out at dusk.

Enjoy the food outdoors as a family

No matter which way you choose to do it, ensure that you enjoy the food together as a family. Outside cooking is better because it will give your kids a fresh perspective and help make the camping experience more realistic.

Get your favorite foods and let the kids join in helping to prepare them. Or challenge the kids to try something more “camping” than you’d normally make. Roast hot dogs, make s’mores, whatever!

Take Pictures

Do not forget to keep a record of all you do in your backyard camping for the future as this is such a fun time to look back on and remember! A few snapped selfies or photos of the kids helping to create the campsite – they’re all going to be a huge reminder of the fun times.

All in all, just have fun!

Even More Family Camping Tips

You can never have too many great tips and ideas when going camping.

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