Dinosaur Bath: Free Printable For Your Own Fun!

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Some days, it’s difficult to get our 2 year old into the bath because she is having so much fun playing. Anyone else? 

The solution we’ve found is to continue the play in the bath tub. Now, this isn’t a new idea – there are entire web sites devoted to “fun baths” for kids. And they’re great, but there is no way I’m setting up science experiments and goo-gluten-y filled pasta baths every time I want to bathe my child. 

So, we’ve stuck with cheap, easy, and long-lasting foam fun. Our newest foam additions will have tots really excited for the suds. Click on “Read More” for a free printable, making this even easier! 

This will be in one of our dinosaur theme learning posts, I’m sure, because it was SO. MUCH. FUN! Elise even had a suggestion for making it even more fun: “How ’bout dinosaur tracks too, Mommy?” Well, I’ll be cutting those out before our next dino bath, I guarantee it, and it’s nice to know she remembers all the fun we had with our Dinosaur Tracks activity.  

We’ve also played with these little guys outside of the bath, with Elise using them as a potty training activity. It works: the dinosaurs are already in the bathroom, so why not let them act out a little scene while they are waiting for the potty urge to hit? 

Some of her scenes have been: 

  1. Brontosaurus eating the leaves from the tree (‘cuz he’s a herbivore, Mommy)
  2. Pteranodon stealing eggs from Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Stegosaurus 
  3. the volcano erupting and all of the dinosaurs running to the edge of the tub (or as far away from the potty as she can reach)
  4. lots of hugging and sharing between the dinosaurs. Cute, right?  
Join us for some fun at www.RufflesAndRainBoots.com!

I drew these free-hand so they are not to scale, but that way I don’t have to worry about copyright infringement or purchasing images. Some of them even look like dinosaurs! :) 

By the way, if you have any questions about my copyright, please see our notices and policies page here.

Prior to our Dino bath, we’d had some great fun outside, playing in the dirt and collecting pieces for a nature art project. To warm up, a bubble bath with some new dinosaur friends was an easy, free (if you already have some craft foam on hand), and quick way to set up something that would help her thaw out. 

Join us for some fun at www.RufflesAndRainBoots.com!Did it work, you might be asking? Were we able to get the 2 year old interested in her bath? 

Here’s an action shot of her racing to the tub (she’d already taken off her pants)! No editing on that one, which I found hilarious! 

I have quite a bit of craft foam from Michaels because it’s cheap, readily available, and we can use it in so many activities with Elise (26 months). We have both the shortie-sheets (6 inches by 9 inches) and the full foam sheets, but I sized these so that either would work. And some of the pieces I even cut from scraps! 


Join us for some fun at www.RufflesAndRainBoots.com!Instructions to build your own dinosaur bath: 

  1. Print out the free printable
  2. Cut out the templates. 
  3. Trace them onto foam and cut them out. 
Just click on the printable picture (in the red frame) and it will open so that you can print [or click the link on the word “printable”]. 
Using this link will NOT require you to sign up for anything new or add any “ghost” programs with an installation program

We hope you have a great time!  

Oh, and Elise highly recommends bubbles. Dinosaurs love bubbles. 
Let us know if you have some fun with our new dinosaur friends. We love hearing from you in the comments section! 

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