Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags – Fun Holiday Printables

Grab these free printable Christmas gift tags to save money and level-up your gift-giving this year. Wrapping suggestions included (easy-peasy)!

Get your own printable Christmas gift tags to liven up any gift this season

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Free Christmas Gift Tags Printables

I think I’ve created something for everyone, but if you’re after a certain design let me know. Each holiday printable gift tag sheet will print 9 per 8.5 x 11-inch page.

The best way to cut them is with this (it makes it so quick and easy). Give the Christmas gift tags a kiss from a hole punch and you’re set for gifting!

Note: the Ruffles watermark does NOT appear on the printed gift tags. ;)

Check out our other popular gift tag collections:

Santa Free Christmas Gift Tags

I created these Santa jacket gift tags and they might be my favorite thing ever! Seriously – how cute are these?

Get these free Santa jacket gift tags printable to decorate your holiday preseents.

Vintage Christmas Printable Gift Tags (Modern Retro)

How does that saying go? Everything old is new again. I love the simple, swirling designs of this set. Pair these free vintage Christmas tags with a crisp, heavy white, glossy paper and a sprig of pine (or a sleigh bell).

Vintage Retro Inspired Free Printable Christmas and Holiday Gift Tags

Free Soft Woodland Winter Christmas Gift Tags

I put these adorable woodland animals gift tags (you might remember them from the Letter to Santa) out for those with a pastel gifting theme. Psst: these look great with a natural craft paper wrapping and twine.

Winter Woodland bear deer Christmas gift tag printable

Free Modern, Elegant Christmas Gift Tags

My dilemma: there are just too many styles to choose from. The answer? Keep making more gift tags. I have a subtle gold(ish) wrapping paper paired with these modern Christmas gift tags. I don’t think they would work with a bright, sparkly gold but with the muted color, they really pop.

Modern Chic Christmas gift tag printable

Merry and Bright Christmas Tree Gift Tags

My 5-year-old is a big fan of bright colors right now – thank goodness we haven’t hit the neon stage yet… These merry and bright Christmas tree gift tags will make just the right match for your gifts.

Merry and Bright Christmas tree gift tags printable

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What style are you planning for this year? My favorites are the Santa beard gift tag and the modern elegant (I just love the candy canes slipped in)!

Please pin this to your favorite holiday board on Pinterest or give it a share on Facebook – help everyone save a little money and add a lot of cheer with these printable gift tags.

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  1. These gift tags are totally adorable. As are all the phenomenal gnomes. I want to make them all!!

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift tags, they are just what I wanted as I am packing the first of my Christmas presents.

  3. All gift tags are absolutely wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to do the whole things you do and offering (free) short cuts for those of us who have ( zero) time on our hands. These are very easy to print. I remembered I had a stack of full sheet labels so I can so easily print, cut, and stick to each package.