DIY Mermaid Costumes for Kids of All Ages

These DIY mermaid costumes for kids and toddlers will have you crafting the perfect mermaid Halloween costume. Let’s get started.

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DIY Mermaid Costumes for Kids

Oh, how little girls love to pretend to be mermaids. Here on Ruffles and Rain Boots, we’re no stranger to dress up and costumes. My daughter and her friends often use our fun dress up aprons (even YEARS later, as we made them such a long time ago).

Here, we’re rounding up our favorite DIY mermaid costumes for kids. We’ve even thrown in some fun accessories!

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a photo collage of adorable mermaid costumes to make yourself with text that reads DIY mermaid costumes for kids

Little Mermaid Costumes and Beyond

When you think of mermaids, does Ariel and Disney’s, The Little Mermaid, come to mind. It’s a great movie but, as these costumes show, mermaid creativity doesn’t end there.

Easy Mermaid Costume by Ruffles and Rain Boots

This one is super simple to make and it’s inexpensive because it uses felt. Use the rainbow theme or a mix of blues and greens and get a great DIY mermaid costume without spending a lot of money. Psst: there’s also a NO-SEW version!

Mermaid Tail (removed) by Me Sew Crazy

If you are only interested in a tail, make this simple mermaid tail. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

T-Shirt Mermaid Top by Melle Bug and Me

I love, love, love the way she designed the top with a t-shirt. It’s modest and the kids won’t be freezing!

Homemade Mermaid Costume by Mama Papa Bubba

The material here makes the costume easy to make but it’s going to be less sturdy than others. Foam craft sheets are everywhere, however, making it an option for anyone.

Little Mermaid Costume by My Crafty Spot

This Little Mermaid costume features a shell top with a nude bodice. There is no tutorial, however, the bodice is a leotard and you can create the shells easily (or glue on real shells from the craft store)!

Little Mermaid and Flounder Costumes by Unoriginal Mom

Your heart will skip a beat with these two cuties modeling their Ariel and Flounder costumes. She gives you the link to the pattern and tells how she modified it to be more modest.

Ariel’s Blue Dress by Candice Ayala

Friends, I love, love, love this dress. She gives you hints on how it was put together, but there is no pattern. She references one that would work, but you’ll have to know how to sew and build to make this.

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Mermaid Crowns, Bags, and Accessories

If you’re making one of these DIY mermaid costumes for a party or for the little one to be a mermaid on Halloween, you might need mermaid bags, crowns, and other accessories.

Seashell Mermaid Crown by Running with Sisters

Y’all, I almost dressed up as a mermaid after seeing how fun this one is to make!

Easy Mermaid Bag by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Do you have a hot glue gun? If so, grab some felt and a premade bag and make this fun mermaid bag!

Mermaid Shell Hair Clip by Doodle and Stitch

My daughter cannot wait to make this, as she saw it over my shoulder just now. Friends, I’m thinking a few more sizes of shells and EVERYONE gets a mermaid hair clip.

Starfish Hair Clip (removed) by The Crafty Ninja

Keeping it simple, she uses a dried starfish as a hair clip – so creative (and easy). This can be finished in just a matter of minutes.

No-Sew Felt Mermaid Headband by Lia Griffith

If you have a Cricut machine, this will be fast work. If not, you can still recreate the look. Your little one might just fall in love.

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a photo collage of adorable mermaid costumes to make yourself with text that reads DIY mermaid costumes for kids

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