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Pinwheels capture the minds and hearts of little ones and these pinwheel books and activities are sure to please all ages!


The Science Behind Pinwheels

It’s a long-standing tradition to use pinwheels in education. They’re easy to make and can be a craft for any age – check out how to quickly make pinwheels without pins.

How to Make Pinwheels Without Pins Tutorial _ You CAN make pinwheels that spin safe for all ages.

The science behind pinwheels is one of force and resistance. Wind strikes the surface of the pinwheel and the force is generated by the resistance of the pinwheel blades. This force becomes rotational motion.

The rotational motion (the power behind windmills and wind generators) is dependent upon the size and quantity of the blades and the force of the wind. Knowing that…

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A Quick Science Experiment and Discussion

We used this as a guide for a quick science experiment and guided discussion when playing with our pinwheels. Wind is the most important element, so we used that as the variable.

On a recent playdate, each kiddo was responsible for a ‘wind speed.’ One was light, another medium, and well, let’s just describe the last as “gale-force-spittle-explosion.” 

The preschoolers and kindergarteners all had a great time. It was a simple way to use our pinwheel books and activities to learn while having fun!

Pinwheel Books and Activities

There are few books which have remained favorites with our daughter since her toddler years, but Salina Yoon’s has withstood the test of time. There are good discussions to be had on art, perception, kinetic motion, and fun.

If you’d like a great general book on wind, we have the last one and it’s really great for K+. It will be one of your favorite pinwheel books and activities starters.

The one I just put in my cart is, I Face the Wind by Vicki Cobb. We have two other books by Vicki and LOVE THEM (the best is Science Experiments You Can Eat).

 Pinwheel Wind (Whatever the Weather) Penelope Pinwheel and the Pink and Purple Palace What On Earth?: Wind: Explore, create and investigate I Face the Wind (Science Play) Like a Windy Day Wind Up (I Like to Read®) The Wind Blew (Rise and Shine) Feel the Wind (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)

Over to You

Have you made pinwheels with your little ones and used any of these pinwheel books and activities (or others) to supplement the learning and fun? Please pin this to share the fun and learning and let us know below!

12 Pinwheel Books and Activities for Grades pre-K, Kindergarten, First, and Second; the science includes discussions on force, motion, rotational force, and energy

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  1. These pinwheel books look great and perfect for kids. These books can keep my son busy all through the winter.