Use these Free Disney Cruise SVG Files to Make Disney Cruise Shirts!

How cute is this set of free Disney cruise SVG files?! I am definitely making Disney cruise shirts for my whole family!

Disney Cruise SVG for Cricut on a black and white tank top on a white background
Use this cute Disney cruise SVG for Cricut to make an awesome cruise tote bag or matching family cruise shirts!

Free Disney Cruise SVG Files

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are all about the Disney cruise. I mean, imagine being unplugged for 4-14 days, surrounded by opportunities to watch your favorite Disney movies, interacting with the characters and just having a great time with the kids. In fact, I’m so excited that I’m making some awesome Disney cruise shirts for the whole family with this cute set of free Disney cruise SVG files.


But, I’m not stopping there…no, I might need a new canvas bag. I mean, isn’t this one cute?! And maybe a countdown calendar for the cruise? I don’t know…so many possibilities with these free Disney cruise cut files! If you’re ready to download these Micky Mouse anchor files, let’s get started.

Horizontal image of free svg files for clipart graphics t-shirts cards and more collage.

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How Do I Download this Free Disney Cruise Cut Files?

I’m so glad you asked!

These free Disney cruise cut files are completely free to everyone, subscribers or not! All I ask is that you share this page to Pinterest – maybe on a Cricut or Silhouette board. Your shares are how this site grows and I am sincerely grateful.

To download the file, share this page, scroll down, and click on the download link. Note: because this is a free file, I’ve only included the SVG for free. If you need another file type, you may access all of the SVGs and file types in the subscribers-only free SVG library.

No Time to Make This Now? Pin it for Later

If you love these free Disney cruise cut files for Cricut and are going to download them, please share. Pin this to your favorite DIY crafts board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready.

photo collage of Disney cruise cut files with text which reads Nautical Disney SVG for Free

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How to Get These Free Mickey Mouse Anchor SVG Files

I’m so glad you asked! Keep scrolling down to get the link to download this free Disney cruise SVG for Cricut or Silhouette!

Download the Mickey anchor SVG and Love Anchor SVG

Click here to get the free Disney cruise SVG files for Cricut and Silhouette.

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Tips for making Cricut projects multiple colors

If you’re new to working in Cricut Design Space, here are a few tips for the easiest transfer and use if you want to use multiple colors. Note: if you’re putting this on a t-shirt or a canvas bag (or using any project with HTV – heat transfer vinyl), you’ll have to mirror the design. You can see in the tutorial below where that toggle switch is during the cutting process.

  1. Upload the SVG and size it to your specifications. Once loaded and sized, take note of the layers panel on the right. You will use the hide function and you will use the same transfer sheet (using weld will help it all line up correctly).
  2. Hide everything except the letters by selecting the eye icon. When you click on it once, the eye will get a line through it – that also means it will disappear from the cut preview on the grid. That’s okay – it’s still there. 
  3. Select weld and then cut in your desired color. 
  4. Go back into design space, select “undo” to remove the weld, and then hide the text. Next, unhide everything else.
  5. Repeat the weld and cut process in the color you want. Add it to the same transfer sheet and move it to your design.  

More Cricut Project Tips

  • When putting this on any drawstring bag (wine or canvas sack), be sure to measure the placement when it is filled. For example, for another project, I placed a wine bottle into the bag and made a couple of pencil marks to help me line it up AFTER I put the first one too low. 
  • Do not forget to mirror the design when working with heat transfer vinyl… I ALWAYS forget and waste vinyl! Learn from my mistakes. :)

Disney Cruise SVG for Free on a black and white tank top on a white background

This Free SVG Is For Personal Use ONLY

The free Disney cruise SVG files offered here was created by me, Sarah Nenni-Daher, and can be used for personal use only. Copyright remains with Sarah Nenni-Daher of Ruffles and Rain Boots.

If you are a corporation (even an LLC) and want this item, you MUST get prior authorization. We strictly enforce our copyright through the use of infraction agents. Please use the contact page here to reach us directly.

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Free Disney Cruise SVG for Cricut Tote Bag being held by a lady with text which reads get this free svg

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