The Best Craft Sayings and Crafting SVG Designs

These are the best craft sayings to make a sign for your craft room, a card for a crafter, or any other number of things you might need them for. It’s a full list but I’d love to hear what you would add.

This list of crafter quotes is organized and includes designs you can use for print projects, decoupage, or with a Cricut or Silhouette machine. Scroll through, save the post, and let me know which one you end up using for your project.

Horizontal image of art supplies and flowers with text which reads the best quotes for Crafters.
Use this set of the best craft sayings and quotes for crafters to create cards, gifts, or your own designs.

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Crafter Sayings and Quotes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been inspired by so many crafters in my journey. Because of this, I like to throw a “chats, crafts, and chuckles” party when friends are in town or I’m at a retreat / conference. They are a BLAST!

Horizontal image of free svg files for clipart graphics t-shirts cards and more collage.

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At this last one (that had to be virtual), we went off on an hour-long tangent of sayings to put onto craft room signs to sell at fairs, markets, and in our shops. Many laughs were had but it got me thinking you all could use these, too.

Use the sharing buttons to save this to a DIY pin board or share it on your Facebook feed. Either will make it easy to find when you’re ready to start creating.

Vertical image of colorful art supplies with text which reads the best sayings and quotes for crafters for gifts and projects.
Use these crafter quotes for cards, gifts, t-shirts, craft room signs, or projects to sell.

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How to Use This List of Crafting Quotes

Below, I’ve divided up this massive list of crafting sayings. If I’ve made a design, I have put the link on the saying (it will be underlined) for you to PRINT, CUT, DECOUPAGE, or anything other PHYSICAL craft. The craft sayings for Cricut, Silhouette, Brother, and some laser software include SVG, EPS, PNG, and DXF formats.

To download, click on the craft saying and you’ll be able to download the quotes and the licenses. Some are free SVG designs and some are premium, but all are tested!

Vertical split image collage of too many crafts too little time cut file and design on woman in white t-shirt and pink background with text which reads free SVG crafting design.
Isn’t this the truth for crafters?!

General Creative Craft Quotes

If you are a crafter of ALL the things, these generic quotes about crafting are perfect additions. For those who sell, these do well as craft room signs, too.

Vertical split image collage with SVG at top and craftiness is happiness pillow made with heat transfer vinyl at bottom resting on basket with greenery and text which reads free craft design.
I think this is a perfect craft room sign idea or a pillow – it makes me happy when I see it.

Funny Quotes for Crafters – Gifts, Cards, and More

Below are my favorite quotes that describe crafters. Look through and let me know your favorite in the comments. Look through the designs I made – there are some great Cricut craft ideas for beginners and advanced users.

  • I can’t. I’m in the craft room today (made)
  • Born to Craft, Forced to Clean It All Up
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot (with Glue Gun SVG)
  • Hot Glue Holds My Sanity Together (with Glue Gun SVG)
  • Crafting isn’t cheaper than therapy, but it is more fun.
  • Procraftination: noun or Procraftinator: noun (free SVG with BOTH designs)
  • Talk crafty to me
  • I can’t. I’m crafting today.
  • Kill ’em with your craftiness
  • You can’t buy love but you can buy craft supplies and that’s the same thing.
  • Netflix and crafts
  • Don’t mess with crafters. We are creative and don’t have fingerprints.
  • True Crime and Crafting
  • I craft so hard, I sweat glitter.
  • Been there, made that (crafted that)
  • Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy crafts and that’s the same thing.
  • Makers gonna make
  • Creative minds are rarely tidy or I’m not messy, I’m crafty.
  • Working on my PHD (projects half done) (made)
  • I just want to stay home and craft.
  • The craft room is calling and I must go.
  • Craft addict
  • Crafting is my love language
Split vertical image of a craft room sign made with a hot glue holds my sanity together SVG.
A sign or a shirt? I cannot decide – a crafter’s dilemma!

Craft Room Quotes

The craft room is a point of contention: it’s sparks so much creativity, but when that creativeness is in full swing, it can become a hot mess of a place. Here are a few fun sayings about a crafter’s place.

  • Welcome to the Craft Room: Where Creativity Meets Chaos
  • Pro Tip: Messy craft room? Close the door.
  • Pardon my mess, I’m crafting.
  • Excuse the mess, I craft here.
  • What happens in the craft room, stays in the craft room.
  • Craftoholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I’m on the road to the craft store.
  • Creativity in Progress
  • Craft Mode: On (made)
  • Craft room, sweet craft room
  • Love is a well-stocked craft room.
  • I craft, therefore I hoard.
  • It’s not hoarding if it’s craft supplies.
  • My happy little crafty place
  • Crafting empties the wallet but fills the soul
  • The craft store / craft room is my happy place
  • My Life is Craftastic
  • Stay home and craft (make something)
  • Rise and Shine, It’s Crafting Time
  • Building My Crafting Empire
Square image of white overlay on background of paints with text which reads the best quotes for crafters.
Whether you are making cards, gifts, or SVG designs, use this list of sayings for crafters, crafting, and crafts.

Crafter T-Shirt Ideas

You know we just had to brainstorm a few t-shirt ideas for crafters! We were laughing so hard at some of these and I plan on making a few. These craft SVG files are going to make you chuckle – let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

  • This is my crafting shirt.
  • Will work for craft supplies
  • OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder
  • Wife, Mom, Crafter
  • I like crafting and maybe two people.
  • Sorry, I’m Busy Crafting.
  • Crafters gonna craft.
  • I craft, therefore I hoard.
  • Eat Sleep Craft Repeat
  • Trust me, I’m a crafter.
  • Crafty for life
  • I’d rather be crafting
  • Adulting is starting to interfere with my craftin
  • Mistakes don’t scare me, I’m a crafter.
  • A crafty life is a happy life
  • World’s Craftiest Grandma (Nana, Gigi, etc.)
  • Crafting is my super power
  • I’m so crafty, I make people.
  • Leave me alone, I’m crafting
  • Crafty Ninja, Armed with Sharp Objects
  • To Do List: craft, craft some more, eat, craft, craft some more
  • DIY ‘Til I Die
Vertical split collage image of creative soul cut file and image of woman in light tan t-shirt which reads creative soul.
You can make a t-shirt in less than 10 minutes with this crafting SVG to show off who you are.

Crafts and Coffee Quotes and Sayings (Tea and Wine)

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but your girl needs at least one cup of java before picking up a glue gun. I like my fingertips… And remember, you can replace this with tea, wine, or whatever else you’d like.

These are great ideas if you’re looking for easy Cricut projects because everyone wants a mug, tumbler, or can cooler. Vinyl projects are a great way to ease into a new machine because they’re a bit easier to cut than paper.

  • First we drink the coffee, then we make the crafts.
  • Coffee and Crafting
  • Coffee, Craft, Repeat.
  • I turn coffee into crafts
  • I need a little caffeine and a whole lot of crafting.
  • It’s not coffee, it’s crafting fuel.
  • This level of genius does not run on decaf.
  • I don’t need inspiration to craft, I just need coffee.
  • Craft fails happen, coffee helps.
  • Caffeine and crafting
  • Craft more, worry less.
  • All I need is coffee and crafts.
  • Coffee. Crafts. Chaos.
Split vertical image of woman in white t-shirt which reads drop it like it's hot and a glue gun with text which reads funny crafting SVG.
This design is for all of us crafters who burn ourselves with the glue gun…

Quotes for Hobby Crafters

You don’t need a Cricut machine (or other cutting machine) to use these quotes for crafters! Print these off for cards or pop them into a frame for an easy crafting space sign.

  • Did you mirror? Free SVG
  • Life is short, buy the paper (the stamp, the vinyl, etc.)
  • Home is where my heat press is (sewing machine or other craft item)
  • Pedal to the metal (sewing)
  • I need to drink more wine so I can craft with the corks.
  • There is no scrap wood, only pieces that haven’t been used yet (woodworking)
  • Knit happens (for knitters and crocheters)
  • Slip Knit Purl Free SVG
  • This bag is probably full of yarn Free SVG
  • So much fabric, sew little time.
  • If I can’t take my yarn, I’m not going.

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