Beach Scavenger Hunt – Printables for Two Age Groups!

Before you head out to the beach, get these beach scavenger hunt printables for two age groups! We have created clues for preschoolers and readers, varying the design (and difficulty). Click through to get your free beach scavenger hunts.

Beach Scavenger Hunt Printable for Preschoolers and Early Readers

Beach Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers

This fun beach scavenger hunt for preschoolers is bright, colorful, and has 16 items to find. I’ve also included a coloring page of this hunt so they can color in the car on the way to the beach!

My daughter loves coloring, so all of my scavenger hunt packs will have this component. Psst: don’t tell anyone, but I find myself coloring these, too.

beach scavenger hunt for preschoolers and early readers

Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids – Readers and Early Readers

Because I have an early reader, I’m also building all of my scavenger hunts for kids in two formats. This beach scavenger hunt set comes with the format below, as well, to encourage reading.

Besides, we have to have some fun for the older kids! Even if they’re “too cool” for it, they just might get into it with the younger kids.

Printable beach scavenger hunt set for readers and early readers

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Beach Scavenger Hunt Ideas

I usually pull these types of printables out when we’ve been out in the sun for awhile. After about an hour of playing in the sand and surf, my daughter is ready for a snack and a calm activity while she recharges.

You could print off this free beach scavenger hunt and break into teams or work as individuals.

If you forget to bring along crayons, pens, or pencils, beach finds work in a pinch. My daughter put shells, pieces of sand dollars, and even her Goldfish snack on the pictures to mark them.

Download the Beach Scavenger Hunt Set

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Print off these fun beach scavenger hunts for your next trip! The set includes 2 hunts for older and younger kids and a coloring page. #scavengerhunt #beach #beachvacation #beachcrafts #craftsforkids #printable #rufflesandrainboots

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