The Joys of Home Ownership


We got our new windows and doors.

It was full of drama because they ordered the wrong product for the very large, front living room window. This misstep added a delay of one week and the need for Mommy and baby to yet again schlep around toys, bubbles, books, sidewalk chalk, snacks…
Adding to the drama was that the back door window isn’t what we ordered. The manufacturer is coming out to correct their mistake on site in mid-July.
All in the past, moving on.
The siding company started this week – a week late due to the torrential rain we had. Mommy and baby have been loading up the car with toys, bubbles, books, sidewalk chalk, snacks, etc again every day. Everything was going great with the tear down and they would soon finish wrapping the house. The next step? Siding!
I got a call from the owner today.
Siding Guy: good morning, Sarah. I have some news: the wrong siding is on site.”
Me: “Ok. Not too bad, right? I mean, we just need to swap it with whomever has our siding. Correct?”
Siding guy: “Oh no, there seems to be a misunderstanding. It wasn’t mixed up with another job, it appears the wrong siding was ordered.”
Me: “Excuse me, what?”
Siding Guy: pause
Me (in my head): Wait, what? No, seriously. What?
I believe he could figure out I was less-than-impressed by my VERY dramatic pause. 
Me: “It’s custom. How could it have been ordered incorrectly?”
Siding Guy: “It was our mistake, blah, blah, blah.”
The rest is unimportant because the gist is this: We have a tin foil house for three weeks while the new set of siding is custom made.
Don’t believe me about the tin foil? If we had taken a picture before 9 pm, it would not have come out, as it would have resembled a flash bulb exploding.


I’m much more mellow nowadays. I have learned a lot from Jeff in that department. That doesn’t mean we won’t be negotiating when it’s time to make the final payment.
Also… We have the best defense against alien mind control – our entire house is a tin foil hat!
I hope your holiday is safe and fun!
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