Ubiquitous Toddler Pasta Necklace

This parenting thing is FOR REAL !

I think that every parent has a moment where you think: Oh my goodness… This whole parenting this is FOR REAL!

For me, it was when I decided to color some pasta and let Elise string it up. It hit me: BAM! You will be amassing tons of this stuff from now on.

You know what? That’s just fine by me. Click on “Read More” to see our fun and learn how to color your own pasta, if you don’t know how yet. 

Danger is lacing her large Alex Toys farm lacing beads really well. I think it’s because of the wooden guide they put on the end of the string. 

I wanted more of a challenge for her, but the Melissa and Doug lacing cards I bought are just too hard. I wanted to see if she could use a shoestring without a guide though, and my mind came up with pasta. 

I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last time I see this activity. I’m sure we will do it again – and again. I know there are many days ahead too, when Danger will bring home pasta necklaces for her Daddy and  I. 

Pasta activities are only as endless as one’s imagination, it seems. I’ve seen  pasta used to practice letters, numbers,  patterns, and color and shape sorting. Perhaps I should buy stock in Barilla… 
My supplies and colors. 
The set up was to try both rubbing alchohol and vinegar to see which one took color best. I used neon pink, neon purple, neon green and standard blue. The results? They both took color really well however, even a two weeks later, the vinegar smell was still quite strong on the green and blue noodles. 
It turns out Danger-Dear is quite rough-and-tough with some of her toys. She was able to lace the noodles easily, however when she was “playing” with them, many ended up broken.
Oh well, it sure was fun while it lasted!
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