The Calm AFTER the Storm


Well, hopefully things will calm down now.

I’ve had a few people ask where the updates were, so let me fill you in on the last few weeks around here.

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Grandma and Aunt Kris (aka Uncle Ralph) came up to see Elise for a few days. They showered her with love and even some gifts. Uncle Ralph MADE Elise this unbelievably cool step that folds up to a bench. Or maybe it’s a bench that folds down to a step. Either way, it is awesome and she made it with her bare hands! Ok, so there were probably some power tools involved, but WOW! Look at that little dog! It is already getting a lot of love from monkey.


The same week, Aunt Becky’s wedding brought in a lot of Danger’s family: Gigi and Papa came in from Panama, great aunts from New York, an aunt and uncle from Texas, long-time, much-loved friends of Mommy and Daddy from Texas and California, and even some cousins/second cousins from Minnesota! She got gifts and tons of love and attention from everyone.
As Uncle Ralph lives so far away, she came up again to see Daddy and spend as much time with Danger as she could fit in before she left the Pacific Northwest.
After Uncle Ralph headed off to start her summer volunteer work, we traveled to the Oregon coast and got to spend some quality time with Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Heiner, and even Great Aunt Jutta and Great Uncle Jerry who were visiting all the way from Germany!
Now, add up all of that excitement with a mad case of teething blues, and you have one volatile toddler. This also produced a toddler who began sleeping less and less because she thought she may be missing something or someone great.
Combine all of that and you get a very tired Mommy and Daddy.
And that is why there haven’t been any blog updates. Here are a few pictures to make up for it.
This one is Danger clowning around in the early morning. And by early, I mean the “too early to be awake” kind of early… But that blanket Great Aunt Doris made is both beautiful and cozy.
Discovering a jelly fish on the beach:


Drawing in the wet sand:


A toddler who feels the pull of the ocean:


And who gets very upset when she can’t jump in:


But she soon recovered:


We took a break as a family to watch a Pocoyo cartoon episode. I snapped this because I swear I couldn’t stop laughing!  Look at their pose – its the exact same! Genetics – it must be genetics.
Some fun at the park:
She finally got on the motorcycle at the park… I think the jury is still out on this one
This is a day that mommy was gone doing “wedding stuff with Aunt Becky.”  Danger was so exhausted that she refused to nap for Daddy, but when left to play, he soon found her like this:
Hopefully she will be napping like a champ now that things have calmed down.
Have a great day!
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