Tangled Popcorn and Rapunzel Movie Night

Any Disney fan would love the Tangled popcorn and Rapunzel-themed Tangled movie night we put together. A special popcorn treat, fun crafts, and a great movie are fun for the whole family!

Disney Tangled popcorn and Rapunzel crafts for family movie night

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Tangled Movie Crafts (Rapunzel Crafts)

I wanted simple crafts the kids could make themselves and we hit the mark. Our easy and quick crafts allowed for a great deal of fun, especially for those kids who have seen the movie 1,332,508 times…

But want to see it again.

Rapunzel Braid Bookmarks

We also made these simple braided yarn Rapunzel hair bookmarks. This is perfect for the section in the movie where Flynn and Rapunzel enter the town near the castle.

Easy Rapunzel Braid Bookmark Tangled Movie Craft

Tangled Glitter Slime

We whipped up a quick batch of glitter slime in true Rapunzel fashion! This recipe uses contact lens solution, though you can use a recipe with borax if you’d like.

Rapunzel Tangled glitter slime no borax

Rapunzel’s Tangled Gift Box Printable

Disney to the rescue when you need a quick party favor! We found these gift boxes and the girls mostly just opened and closed them. The Rapunzel bookmarks made their way into them, as did a few craft jewels.

Get the Disney Tangled Printable Gift Box Template 

Rapunzel’s Blooming Tangled Popcorn

Originally, I planned this movie night with edible flowers added to the popcorn, but everywhere I went was sold out. If you can find some, they would make a wonderful garnish and would likely be a new food experience for the kids.

  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup un-melted purple candy melts
  • popcorn with any un-popped kernels removed, dry (no butter)
  • premade icing flowers (or edible flowers)

Pop the corn and remove any un-popped kernels (my favorite, inexpensive microwave popcorn maker). Melt a small amount (I used 1/4 cup) of candy melt wafers, careful to go slow and mind the instructions on the bag. Drizzle the candy melts on a single layer of popcorn and add flowers.

You can layer popcorn on a sheet pan or tray and do a lot at once. I was only feeding 2 kids, so I did individual bowls. I also chose to go light on the purple candy, but you can thoroughly coat to make it more of a purple-themed Tangled movie night popcorn.

How to Make the Best Popcorn

I am a popcorn connoisseur. No really, I love popcorn so much I have it at least once a week. Okay, so maybe it’s more like twice a week…

This is the best microwave popcorn maker – it takes just 2-minutes and 15-seconds, and I have perfectly popped corn every single time. I only have about 4 or 5 kernels left unpopped!

I also like it popped on the stove in a tiny bit of oil, but there’s no denying the microwave version is a bit healthier. Until I add the butter, that is.

Over to You

These crafts and this Rapunzel popcorn make for a really fun Tangled movie night. Nothing takes more than a few minutes to prep, so you’ll have a great night, too!

Tangled popcorn recipe for a Rapunzel movie night

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