No-Sew Princess Anna Cape for Disney’s FROZEN Costume

This Princess Anna Cape was so quick and easy, it makes the perfect DIY cape for kids. We’ve made many dress up costumes and share our free patterns and proven beginner sewing tutorials to walk you through it step-by-step.

Simple Princess Anna Caplet Tutorial

How to Make a No-Sew Princess Anna Cape

I’m going to get right to it – if you sew, it takes less than an hour. If you don’t sew or are just looking to add an element to a Princess Anna Halloween costume, you can just make a single layer fleece cape without a collar and it will take you 10 minutes. I’m not kidding. 

This might come as a surprise to you, but it’s cold and rainy a lot here in Seattle in the fall and winter months. Fleece is inexpensive and my daughter loves it, so I am making some accessories for some of my fun Disney-inspired dress up costumes.

Whether trick-or-treating for Halloween or just traipsing about Disney (or the grocery) in the fall or winter, our happy-go-lucky little Princess Anna will be prepared with a caplet to accompany her Princess Anna dress up apron.

Yield: 1 Princess Anna Cape

No-Sew Princess Anna Cape

Easy Cape Caplet Tutorial

This Princess Anna Cape was so quick and easy, it makes the perfect DIY cape for kids.

Active Time 50 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • fleece in choice of color
  • optional, lace trim
  • optional, cape clasp


  • chalk
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • optional, sewing machine and sewing supplies


  1. Fold fleece into a 4 layer square and cut out the circle. Start at the corner where all layers join and use chalk (or pins) to mark 2.5 inches down. Leaving the tape measure at the join point, move the tape measure to the right and mark again at 2.5. Repeat until you arch across the corner.
  2. When you finish the top "circle," measure down your desired length. For my daughter, I chose 19 inches but you could make a full-length cape or one just a bit longer than this arm-length one. The sky is the limit! Once you have your starting measurement (from the corner where all layers join), follow the same steps as above, using the tape measure and chalk as a compass. You're basically making 1/4 of the circle and when you cut, it will be through all layers!
  3. Cut on the outside of the marks or pins - just below your measurements. You can easily shorten it if it is too long but you can't easily add length.
  4. Slit one side of the circle open and add a fastener (you could glue on Velcro or ties or sew on a button).
  5. Easy Princess Anna Cape


Full tutorial with pictures:

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Sewing Tutorial for a Princess Anna Cape with Collar

This Princess Anna cape took less than an hour to cut and sew. It was surprisingly simple because its design is based on a circle skirt which makes it easy. Here’s the little one caught in mid-twirl (not the best face, but you can see the cape).

Simple Cape Tutorial

Here are my photos from following the tutorial for the “no-sew” option above, with just a few changes (listed after the pictures).

Easy Princess Anna Cape

Notes about the changes I made to the “no-sew” version of this tutorial:

  1. I used fleece for both the outer fabric and the lining because it’s cheap and fuzzy. 
  2. I added a covered hook and eye closure so my kid could easily get it on and off herself.
  3. The collar pattern came from here if you’re inclined to add one. It looks adorable either way and you just add it around the edges of the front opening. 
  4. The pompom trim. Wait, you don’t see any pompom trim? Yes and that’s because I am 4-inches short of trim. I ended up using it on this 20-minute infinity scarf.

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Make this super simple - and very adorable - cape for kids. There is a no-sew option and a beginner sewing tutorial (psst: it's so easy)! #rufflesandrainboots #dressup #costumes #sewingtutorial

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  1. I’m making one today, but only have a yard of fabric. If I was trying to replicate exactly what you did, how much fabric would I need? I am at the step where I have folded it into quarters and the 2.5 inch mark has been drawn, but after that I no longer have 19 inches of space? Have I done something incorrectly here?

    1. One yard of fabric would only yield an 18-inch long cape because you’re folding the yard (36 inches) in half. For my daughter’s cape, I had 1 1/4 yards, so I had a bit more to work with. You can make an adorable caplet at 18 inches, though. I hope you were able to finish yours.

      If you need a longer cape, more material would be required (or the addition of a ‘skirted bottom’ might look quite nice with fabric attached to the inside bottom of your cape).

  2. I’m confused. Is there a link to the sewing tutorial? The no-sew option says something about reading through the tutorial to see how the length of fabric will impact the length of the cape, but I can’t read that on this page and I don’t see a link to a full tutorial. what am I missing?

    1. Scroll down and the full tutorial is below the no-sew tutorial. It tells you how to measure for the length of the circle (I shared what I used – 19 inches – but wanted to make sure people knew they had options).

  3. Thanks for sharing! We live where it is cold and we need to add a cape for warmth! Can you tell me how fabric you ended up using? I saw you said the 1.25 yards was too much. I have 2 yards, and I am hoping to make a long and a short cape. My daughter is about a size 5/6. Any recommendations?

    1. Brenda, I would say it depends on the length you’re wanting. If you’re looking for a short cape, 1/2 a yard would work. I’d probably pick up 2/3 of a yard to make sure you can create the circle / collar. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya! I’m so thankful you all thought it was a good project. I’ll be at the party again this week.

  4. Love this cape and she is so adorable!! Stopping by from Sew Crafty Angel’s Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

    I am love your blog!!!

  5. This is adorable…makes me wish I had a little girl to make one for..I am sure my 19 year old son would not be a fan of a pretty cape! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Party in Your PJs.

  6. You have the most beautiful model! So excited to find you on Crafty Allie’s link up party!! This is amazing. I pinned it to a few different boards and I would also like to invite to my weekly link up and join the fun! This would be great to share with everyone!

  7. I wish I could sew so I could make these for the three year old daughter. She’d probably wear it everyday! :) I’ll pin this because I do want to learn…hopefully it’ll be soon! Stopping by from the link up! – Jess

    1. Thanks, Jess. You could make her a no-sew version so quickly. And I’ll admit it’s daunting to start sewing, but with so many great tutorials on the web, it’s fairly easily to start producing quickly. Thanks for stopping by today.

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! It was entirely too easy because of their tutorial – I want to make another one for a friend’s daughter!

  8. super cute and she is probably the best dress veggie picker out there :) Pinned! Would love if you stopped by our Snickerdoodle Sunday sometime!

  9. You are so great at whipping these things up. I’m inspired!

    I think I figured out how to add the cape/train to Elsa’s dress. I still have to sew the darn thing but I’ll let you know if my bright idea pans out.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  10. This really is easy and cute!!

    Grandma just bought the 6 year old a Princess Anna Halloween dress and now we can make it complete with this cape!!