DIY Sock Toys – Hopelessly Adorable and Easy DIYs

These DIY sock toys are some of the best crafts for kids and adults because there is always that ONE sock… Make one or two (or ten) of these hopelessly adorable sock toys.


Learn So Many Ways to Make Sock Toys

I’m a sucker for homemade toys and gifts and using anything that I’d rather not throw away. These adorable DIY sock toys and gifts cover both of those requirements.

We’ve compiled this list of sock toys, sock puppets, and even sock decor crafts to help you learn how to make sock toys for the little ones in your life.

Happy crafting!

DIY Sock Toys and Gifts

Monster Sock Puppet by Cincy Shopper

You see these socks ALL the time on clearance, so it’s a great idea to pick up a pack.

DIY Pusheen Sock Toy by My Pastel Cafe

Are your kids (or grandkids) obsessed with Pusheen? He’s an adorable cat and this is an adorable DIY sock toys tutorial for you to quickly put a smile on their faces.

DIY Sock Stick Horse by Grace and Good Eats

My daughter wants to make one after seeing me looking at this adorable horse. We have everything on hand (after we abscond with one of my husband’s socks…)

20 DIY Sock toys tutorials for gifts, keepsakes, and fun.

Baby Sock Coin Purse by Repeat Crafter Me

Y’all, can we just take a minute to bask in the cuteness of this? And the thriftiness? I had a billion baby socks I donated to charity. If only I’d known I could have made these!

Here's a list of 20 of the cutest DIY sock toys and tutorials for holiday gifts, keepsakes, and fun.

Hobby Horse DIY Sock Toys by Red Ted Art

Maggy has outdone herself with the cuteness and ‘playability’ factor with this adorable sock toy DIY!

Traditional Sock Monkey Tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

If you’re seeking a traditional sock monkey, this tutorial is sure to get your DIY sock toys done in a jiffy.

DIY Sock Puppets by Taking Care of Monkey Business

If you’re here looking for instructions on how to make a sock toy, these are them.

Thanksgiving and Christmas DIY Sock Toys

Olaf Sock Snowman by One Creative Mommy

This is so stinkin’ cute and ridiculously easy. My (almost) 6-year-old daughter will be making this with a group of friends.

Summertime Snowman (removed) by Crafts n Coffee

This looks like the perfect keepsake to make a winter baby.

Baby Sock DIY Ornament by Cutesy Crafts

No, y’all. You can’t handle the sweet, baby goodness this craft puts out. If you ‘borrrow’ a sock from the baby and present this ornament at the holidays, no one will care it went missing.

DIY Sock Toys and Tutorials for Gifts, Easter, Christmas, and More!

Sock Toy Snow Cute Snow Men (removed) by Creative Me, Inspired You

I want a family of them on my mantle. No, a town. No, a city…

Sock Toy Reindeer by Craft Passion

Ho, ho, holy cuteness! This basket of reindeer DIY sock toys will make anyone smile.

DIY Sock Turkey by Craft Passion

Do you need a turkey for your mantle or Thanksgiving table? Whip up this adorable fella!

Easter DIY Sock Toys

DIY Sock Toy Easter Bunny by The Organized Housewife

This is super simple fun, full of Easter cuteness (and would be great for an Easter basket)!

Sock Rabbit by Professor Pincushion

This one you have to be logged in to see, but if it fits your gifting plan it sure is worth it.

DIY Decor Sock Crafts

DIY Coffee Cozy by The Things We’ll Make

Not so much a DIY sock toy, this DIY coffee cozy is just a really good idea to use while you’re making these adorable DIY sock toys for everyone this year.

Aromatherapy Hot Packs by Lil Blue Boo

This isn’t so much a sock toy but I’ll tell you – without a doubt, this is one of the best things I’ve ever made. We don’t warm it up but my daughter just loves it.

DIY Animal Sock Toys and so many more gift ideas, keepsakes, and fun made with SOCKS!

No-Sew Woodland Sock Fox DIY by Crafts n Coffee (website removed)

I feel I need to make him and am thoroughly considering reappropriating a styrofoam cone I have saved for another craft. It’s no-sew and ADORABLE!

DIY sock toys and fun gifts for any occasion - pretzel pillow made from socks

DIY Sock Toys – Pretzel Pillow by Kailo Chic

Easy? Check. Adorable? Check. Will the kids think you’re the BEST THING EVER? You bet!

DIY Kid’s Travel Pillow (removed) by Designer’s Sweet Spot

Okay, so this is actually one of the best ways to actually keep your own travel pillow on the plane. Or is it just me who loses mine to the little one on every trip?

Over to You

Okay, so be honest – which of these adorable DIY sock toys are you planning to make first? We’re doing Olaf and then I think we’ll try the hobby horse.

Please pin this pile of cuteness to share all the crafting goodness with your friends!


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