Bested by a One Year Old

Danger-dear learned a new trick today. She has never, ever, EVER shown an interest in the front door before. Ever. 
That is, until today. 

We had an errand to run in the neighborhood, so we took the stroller, a snack and some sunscreen and planned on spending some time at the Oxbow Park (aka the Hat and Boots park). We met a nanny with two 3 year-old boys and had a great time climbing, sliding and even coloring with sidewalk chalk! Here she is enjoying a snack in front of the VERY LARGE orange cowboy hat and mismatched blue boots. 
After our morning at the park, I took to some housekeeping before lunch while Danger played. The trash needed to be taken out, so like one hundred times before, I slipped on my shoes and took it to the outside bin. All was well until I tried to get back inside… 
Wow. Just… Wow. 
Locked out of the house with no baby, no keys and no phone – oh isn’t that just super! 
I thought to myself, “Oh! We have a spare key under the pot on the front porch, I’m saved!” Well, I would have been if we hadn’t rekeyed all of the locks. 
Hmmm. Think, Sarah, think! 
A window? No windows were open because we had been at the park and I don’t leave them that way when we’re not home. 
Hmmm. Think, Sarah, think! 
She’s not even 18 months old yet, but maybe I can talk her through turning the deadbolt the other way. Let’s give it a try. 
Yeah, that was a study in frustration if  ever there was one. 
It was time to phone a friend. 
Can anyone guess how many neighbors are home at 11 am? I finally scored when a neighbor up the street happened to be home with her 4 year-old daughter, Emma. Oh, I was so thankful! 
She let me use her phone and even shared an interesting bit of personal experience on this very subject! Emma had locked her Mom out of the house when she was just 18 months old. Twice. Hmmm. She also warned me to be wary of kids near public restrooms, as she once had to remove the lock fixture from a store’s bathroom door to get Emma free. Good to know. 
To keep Elise near me so that I could at least monitor her until Jeff rode to my rescue, we sang songs, had some Spanish lessons, and even played a few rockin’ drum solos on the front door. She also busied herself with toys, books and apparently my iPhone. 
Here is a picture she took while I was outside:


And another one of my little prankster: 


Although it was a little scary, we had a great time and as I look back, I laughed a lot while I was sitting on my front steps. 
Every day sure is full of surprises now. 

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