Swanky Play-dough

100% Natural.
All good things.
How about lemongrass gluten-free, 100% natural play-dough? Yep, you read that correctly.

I just keep saying it over and over to myself while shaking my head in disbelief. I’ve made play-dough for Danger. I’ve even made edible play-dough for Danger when she was really small, just in case she wanted to sample some. But lemongrass, gluten-free, 100% natural play-dough? 
Mama K’s play clay was designed to be a safe alternative to more commercial play-dough options, free of dyes and other additives that are hard to say and spell. It is scented with essential oils (I believe there are 7 different ones) and the texture is just great!
Our friends’ twins attended a birthday party where this was the party favor. One of the twins’ very sweet Mommies,Kris, thought Danger would like some – and like it she did!
In all honesty, I really liked it too. It reminded me of the smell of my spa day when I was pregnant with Danger. I have a really awesome hubby who surprised me with such a day – isn’t that spectacular of him?
We had fun making snakes, balls, bracelets and flowers. Danger really liked kissing the snake, smelling the flowers and squishing the balls. Bonus: she only tried to eat it once! Ha!





If you’re thinking, “Wow! I’d really like to get some of that lemongrass, gluten-free play-dough,” just search for Mama K’s Play Clay. It was a 2011 Best Green Toy Award by Dr. Toy and even garnered a Best of Seattle in 2010. It turns out more people than just Danger and I thought this stuff was great!
It really is pretty awesome and we will most likely be buying more in the future. If you find yourself having a stress-filled day, you can whip this stuff out and just knead away your worries.
I sound like a paid spokesperson! Sadly, I am not. I wouldn’t mind getting paid. And I bet Danger wouldn’t mind getting paid in play clay.
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