Rock Painting Gold and Silver Without Using Paint!

I am so excited to share this process (and secret craft supply) for rock painting gold and silver metallic rocks without using any paint!

Beginner Tutorial Rock Painting Gold and Silver Metallic Rocks

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Note: if you’re new to rock painting, here is our Get Started Page with tips and tricks. 

My Secret to Rock Painting Gold and Silver Rocks

I have gold acrylic paint but it didn’t “WOW!” me after I used it to paint rocks. Because of that, I took apart my craft cabinet to decide what would be quick and easy for making gold and silver rocks.

In the bottom of my paint bin, I discovered this (gold) and this (silver). Psst: they have a 3-pack here with two golds and one silver (it’s the best deal).

After a single application on the rocks, let me tell you: I was most certainly “WOWed!” This stuff is so quick to apply and a little goes a long way. I found that they also make the shiniest finish.

A Beginner’s Rock Painting Idea, Metallic Rocks

While I was tinkering around with this medium, I created two rocks and they turned out pretty neat.

Because of the time-saving trick, they are quick to make and are an easy rock painting idea for beginners.

Metallic Rock Painting Video Tutorial

If you ‘re a visual learner, see how easy it is to make metallic rock painting ideas without paint.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using This Medium

So when we’re evaluating craft supplies, I like to give you a breakdown of the good versus evil. Okay, so maybe not evil but there’s always a drawback or two.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Very quick application and buffing.
  • You can paint on top of it without issue.
  • It can be sealed without any running.


  • You can’t “paint” with it, so if you want intricate gold designs this is not your solution. I use this for painting with gold and I love it.
  • It smells a bit more than my acrylic paints (still workable inside the house).

How to Create Metallic Rocks with Words Tutorial

If you’re not one to watch the video, check out easy this metallic rock painting really is!

Step 1: Apply medium.

How to paint rocks gold and silver

Step 2: Polish. 

easy rock painting tutorials for gold rocks

Step 3: Create designs to fit rocks. 

how to cheat at writing calligraphy for rock painting

Step 4: Transfer the design to the rock.

the best gold and silver metallic rock paint

Step 5: Paint on designs (I used acrylic paint). 

how to paint words on rocks

Step 6: Add details (I added different-sized dots). 

how to add dots to rock paintings

Step 7: Seal (I use this sealant for indoor rocks and this sealant for outdoor rocks with multiple coats).

Yield: many rocks

Rock Painting Gold and Silver Without Using Paint!

Rock Painting Gold and Silver Without Using Paint!

I am so excited to share this process (and secret craft supply) for rock painting gold and silver metallic rocks without using any paint!

Active Time 10 minutes
Drying Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10



  1. Apply medium to the rocks and let sit for a couple of minutes before polishing with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Write and decorate rocks with paint pens or paint.
  3. Add details and let dry.  
  4. Seal the rock for indoor or outdoor conditions.


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gold and silver rocks with hand lettering on black background with text which reads rock painting metallic rocks without paint

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