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For years, I have run a successful consulting business, working with bloggers to identify goals, organize, and make more money from their digital space. After hearing from clients who found me through Ruffles and Rain Boots (my hobby blog) or through fellow bloggers, I decided to put a page here describing what it is I offer and why we should work together on your success.

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Nenni Daher Consulting Services

In my consulting business (opened in 2011), I work with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and have even worked with multi-million dollar, international organizations! I can safely say, however, that I mostly work with people who are too close to a business to see what they can be doing with it.

Is that where you are now, perhaps with your blog? Are you too close to see ALL the areas in which you could be excelling? Or, maybe you’re too new to know what options are out there? Have you’ve researched everything on your own and are just feeling a bit overwhelmed? In blogging, this can happen everyday!

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Should I Hire You?

The biggest question I get when people find out I have a consulting business is: “Should I hire you?” My answer is always, “Let’s talk.” I provide a free consultation session to learn about your business, your goals, your road blocks, and most importantly, you.

If I can be honest, my business coach (yes, I have one) has told me to dump the free consultation, but I think it’s vital in order to make sure we’ll make a great team. So, let’s talk: book a time here that works for you.

Making Ideas Happen

What Can You Do For Me (My Team)?

The next question I hear when talking with potential clients is “Who are you and why do I need to work with you?” You can read more about me below, but answering why you need to work with me is easy: I want you to succeed.

I do not deliver you a generic course or worksheets created with the “average” blogger in mind. You, your blog, and your goals are unique and the coaching to reach your goals should be, as well.


We will identify how you need to set and work towards your goals. Most people can list out their goals, but get stuck on the path to attain them; some lose steam, others lose interest. I will help you organize your goals, ideas, and plans to win your day, complete your tasks, and accomplish your goals.


Sales is sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling widgets or walnuts, the techniques are the same and make no mistake: bloggers are in sales. Blogging is unique in that there are so many options for generating revenue. What gets measured gets done, and I will help you set up a system to make money the way YOU want, not the way “most bloggers” make money.


I’m an “ideas gal” and clients hire me repeatedly for strategy sessions. Why? I help them flush out opportunities and get more from a single idea. My one-on-one coaching sessions are perfect for this type of activity, because I become a member of your team; I am available when you need me to be. I often have late-night calls with clients who are working after the kids go to bed. They want to explore an opportunity or begin thinking about a new path – sound familiar?

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Who Are You?

Let’s get to know each other with a phone call where we can have a conversation about what you want. Book that here, I’ll wait. Until we talk, here is a little about me, my background, and my drive. Hello, I’m Sarah.

Sarah Nenni Daher

After the birth of my daughter, my husband and I decided that I would leave my corporate position and stay home with her. Having a consulting business provides a place for me to use my skill set, extensive education, and years of experience to help others grow while working primarily from my home. It also allows me to stay fresh in the corporate world, the digital space, and frankly – I love a challenge almost as much as I love seeing my clients’ successes!

The education and training I’ve taken to quell my insatiable quest for knowledge is extensive and on-going. This background has allowed me to hold and excel in senior sales positions, sales training positions, and project and program management. Some of my education includes:

  • Master’s of Business Administration in Management and Operations
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administrations in Management and Marketing
  • Project Management, Mind Mapping, and Brainstorming Technique Courses
  • Negotiation and Team Management Courses
  • Many Sales Training Programs, Systems, and Technique Courses
  • Social Media, Blogging, Content Marketing, and Content Systems Training Courses

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