DIY Nordic Gnome with a Twisty Hat

Make this Nordic gnome with a twisty hat to add a little whimsy and magic into your day.  This gnome with a nordic style hat makes the perfect friend to welcome guests in an entryway!

DIY Nordic Gnome with a Twisty Hat


20 Minutes

Supplies Needed:

– child's knee sock – scissors – sewing machine/needles – polyfill stuffing – floral wire – sock gnome body – faux fur – razor blade – wooden bead – poly beads – glue gun & sticks – pins

Make the gnome body - can be a pattern or a sock gnome. Next we'll create the adorable bendable hat for the gnome. Start by stuffing the hat with polyfill and distribute evenly.

Cut wire and bend to create a wide loop at the end. Slide into the hat so the loop is at the top. Leave a bit hanging out the bottom to insert in the gnome body.

Place hat on the body. Cut and position your beard onto the body. Position the nose. Add stuffing, if needed, to hat before gluing down.

Bend the hat into the shape you desire, by gently bending the wire while holding the base firmly.

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