DIY Easter Gnome with a Glove and Sock!

This adorable DIY Easter gnome is created with a Dollar Tree glove and sock.  You only need about 10 minutes to put this no-sew Easter craft together! 

Easter Bunny Gnome

Make this Easter Gnome with a Glove and Sock!


10 minutes

Est. Cost


Supplies Needed:

– Glove – Ankle Sock – White Mongolian Fur – Nose  – Embroidery Thread – Pipe Cleaners  – Poly Pellets – Poly Fill – Cardboard for a Base

Turn the glove inside out. Cut the thumb and pinky finger off the glove.  Cut the middle finger off at the base of the finger. 

Glue the glove sides and middle finger area closed. Use the thumb and pinky to form a round for the tail.   Set aside.

Cut out a cardboard circle and glue to the inside of the sock.  Make sure the toe seam is pulled up over the cardboard so it sits flat.

Add a scoop of Poly Pellets. Fill the rest full of Poly Fill until you have a few inches of the top of the sock left.  Tie off and roll down the excess onto the body.

Double over a pipe cleaner, twisting it upon itself to make it sturdier.  Repeat with the other pipe cleaner and set aside.

Flip your glove right sides out over your gnome body. Make sure it covers the entire sock gnome. Glue the glove to the sock gnome body.

Measure to see how big you want your beard.   Use the pen to draw your shape on the back of the fur fabric.  Cut out the fur with the craft knife, taking care to only cut the fabric backing.

Glue down top edge of the beard to make it look nice.  Brush the top of the beard fur, part, and add the wood ball for your nose.  Cut thread for your whiskers and tuck up under nose with glue.