DIY Garden Gnome

Super simple and really fun to make, this DIY garden gnome is an adorable and unique touch to add to your garden.

Garden Gnome

Make a Garden Gnome Without a Mold!


11 hours



Supplies Needed:

– Empty Pickle Jar – Aluminum Foil – Mosaic Outdoor Cement – Outdoor Acrylic Paint – Water  – Paper Plate or Similar – Paintbrush – Disposable cup – Hot Glue Gun and Glue – Sandpaper – Paper Towel – Dowel for Stirring and Detail Work

Clean your jar and glue on the lid.  Flip the jar upside down and start building the elements of your gnome with aluminum foil.   Glue each element on how you want it. Watch the video tutorial for tips.  

Mix your cement together.  The mixture consistency is what's important.  Add water in small amounts until you have the consistency of thick cookie dough, stirring well after you add each amount of water. Once mixed, you will need to work quick before it dries.

Smear the cement onto your jar and form in about 1/4 to 1/2-inch thick sheets, covering the foil completely.  Use a dowel brush away excess cement and give your gnome more details.  You can go back in and add more cement to some areas, creating wrinkles or filling divots.

Allow the gnome to dry overnight. Lightly sand then clean the dust off with a damp towel. Paint your gnome's hat, beard, nose and body. Allow the paint to dry completely. If desired, seal the paint with a clear craft sealant for outdoor use.  Then it's time to display your gnome!

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