How to Make a Rustic Woodland Gnome

Learn how to make this rustic woodland gnome  today! This no-sew gnome looks complex, but is ready in no time.

Supplies Needed

– White rice – Small clear rubber bands – Spanish moss – Wood buttons – Pink lipstick – Felt – Floral foam cone – Soft adult socks – Kid's quarter sock – Sleeve of old sweater – Twine – Dark brown raffia

Fill white kid's quarter sock with rice. Fill up to the sock band.

Form a sizable nose out of the heel. Use 1 tiny clear band to secure the nose. Use another to secure the top of the sock.

Fit the multicolor soft sock over the white sock body.

Hollow out the bottom of the foam cone to fit over the white sock and rest on the gnome head in the shape you would like.  Fit one of the red soft socks over the foam cone. Cut a piece of felt in the shape of the beard you want, making a small circular cutout for the nose.

To create the beard “hair”, use a hot glue gun to glue clumps of the spanish moss to the felt.

Cover the foam cone with a sweater long enough to make a generous cuff around the base of the hat.  Secure the top with a small rubber band and trim to get a hat top appearance.

Wrap twine or yarn tightly around the nose and top of the head as knot tightly. Trim the top of the white sock down.

Carefully glue the spanish moss beard to the gnome face.

Pull the multicolor sock up to the top of the body and glue around the top of the head. Hot glue the sweater covered foam cone to the top of the gnome head by putting the glue on the gnome head. Decorate the hat the dark brown raffia by wrapping it around and criss-crossing. Hot glue raffia into place under the cuff of the hat.

Glue a wooden buttons to the hat or use another embellishment of choice, such as, raffia tied in a bow. Make the gnomes nose a pink color by wiping some bright pink lipstick onto the nose fabric.

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