How to  Make a  Gnome Beard

Learn how to make a gnome beard from yarn, faux fur, moss, wool, and even rope.  Knowing how to make different beards and braids for gnomes really helps you up your gnome game!

Fur Gnome Beard

Use different fur colors and types to create a variety of gnomes. Buy more than you think you will need for a project.

Fur Gnome Beard

Click the link below to watch the video on how to cut faux fur easily!

Fur Gnome Beard

Only able to find white faux fur? We've got a great guide on how to color it using synthetic or other dyes!

Beard Patterns

You don't need a beard pattern to make most gnomes! Just follow these easy tips on how to measure and cut your faux fur!

Gnome Braids

Make girl gnomes with braids, beards, or bangs! We've got tutorials for all 3!

Be Creative!

You don't need to stick to the standard fur or yarn beards! This woodland gnome uses Spanish moss for his beard!

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