DIY Spring Gnome  with Rain Boots

Whip up this Spring Gnome with Rain Boots for your spring decor! It’s the easiest cone gnome tutorial that you can make–and it’s got PINK RAIN BOOTS! Sooo cute!

Spring Gnome

DIY Spring Gnome  with Rain Boots


25 minutes



Supplies Needed:

– Foam Cone – Light Green Fabric – Beige Craft Felt – Doll Rain Boots – Thin Wood Dowels – Polymer Clay – Light Brown Craft Fur – Polyfill – Dry Rice, Dry Beans, or Rocks – Faux Floral Vine and Flowers

Make your nose, hands, and coffee cup. Bake and allow to cool fully. Fill your boots. Insert a wooden dowel that goes all the way to the bottom.   Use hot glue to create a solid surface on the top of the rain boots.  Set aside.

Use your cone as a template to trace a circle onto beige felt.  Cut out your circle. Set aside.

Measure and cut a section of felt to cover the top of your cone.  Hot glue it in place. Cut excess to a straight 1 inch bottom. Cut slits in the loose fabric at the bottom to create tabs.  

Fold the tabs over the bottom of the cone. Glue in place.   Glue the circle of felt onto the bottom of the cone.

Cut a large triangle from the green fabric, making sure to leave extra space for hemming and shaping the hat. Cut it out and then remove a large semi-circle, creating a long tail on the back.   Hot glue the two edges together.

Turn the hat right side out.  Fold the edge of the hat opening to form a hem and glue in place.

Place your hat and beard. Adjust both how you want them. Glue your beard and nose into place. Glue your hat, leaving space to insert the arms.

Cut and form your arms from the green fabric.   Slide the arms up into the hat above the beard. Glue into place.