Spring Gnome in a Wheelbarrow

This absolutely beautiful and adorable butterfly gnome pattern is just the best DIY spring gnome perfect for Mother’s Day or just to brighten your day!

Cute DIY Spring Gnome in a Wheelbarrow!

Easy DIY Spring  Gnome with Butterflies


20 minutes



Supplies Needed:

– Fleece Fabric – White Mongolian Faux Fur – Poly-Fill – Poly-Beads – Wood Round – Faux Butterflies in Shades of Purple, Pink, or Blue – Floral Foam or Foam Balls – Craft Moss – Decorative Metal Wheelbarrow – Faux Floral Stem

Create your body, using the pattern and fleece fabric.  Fill the boy with poly beads and polyfill.   Cut your beard from faux fur and glue to the front of the gnome.

Apply your gnome's nose.   Make your hat from fleece.   Stuff with a little polyfill to help it hold its shape.   Glue the hat on the gnome.   Attach the butterflies to the hat randomly.

Display as-is or set up a gnome-sized wheelbarrow for your gnome.   Add floral foam to your tiny wheelbarrow and cover with moss.   Add a matching faux floral stem and set your butterfly gnome on top.

Full Instructions at: RufflesandRainBoots.com