DIY Spring Gnome

These DIY flower pot hat gnomes are perfect for spring and so easy you can whip them up in just a few minutes!

Spring Gnomes with Flower Pot Hats

Flower Pot Hat  Spring Gnomes


30 Minutes

Est. Cost


Supplies Needed:

– Acrylic Paint – Terra Cotta Pots – Ankle Socks – Wood Rounds  – Wood Balls – Poly-Fill and Weight – Faux Fur – White Embroidery Thread – Cotton Fabric – Craft Felt – Faux Floral Lambs Ear

– Paintbrushes – Scissors – Hot Glue Gun and Glue – Pinking Shears  – Pencil – Iron – Needle and Thread

Tools Needed:

Paint both pots white and let dry. Paint one pot pastel pink and one light blue. Create a sock gnome, using a wood round in the toe with Poly-Beads and Poly-Fill.

Check how the hat sits and adjust as needed. Create your beard with faux fur and attach to the sock body.

Attach the wood ball nose. Trim the faux fur in the back, so the hat attaches to the body.

Use hot glue to attach the sock and nose to the inside the front of the pot. Tuck the sock body into the pot and use glue to secure.

Create a flower, using 6 cotton fabric circles. Fold in half, iron, fold in half again, and iron flat. Use a running stitch to add all the petals onto a thread.

Pull the two ends of the thread together, securing the petals in a neat ring. Shape petals; trim ends.

Cut two small felt circles. Glue one on front and back of flower opening. Glue flower to the pot and add faux lamb's ear leaves behind the flower.

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