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Tic Tac Toss Game

Living in Seattle, we spend our fair share of time in the rain: walks, runs, playgrounds – you name it, we brave it in the rain. There are, however, some days we just don’t get to spend enough time outside. That calls for some inside games that are centered around movement, and this Tic Tac Toss Game has been going strong for months now. When something has that kind of staying power, I want to share it with you.


Join us for a ridiculously simple way to create a great gift for inside play. Bonus? It helps you burn through scraps of that dreaded, “What was I thinking when I bought that?!” fabric. Win, win. 

I have reached my limit with FROZEN but alas, my little girl has not. We are still singing the songs, dressing up, and doing art projects all inspired by the frosty flick. So, so, so much FROZEN inspired activity still goes on around here.

In related begging, can someone please make it stop? Can someone just release another animated movie and write catchy songs that appeal to young children but only adults really get? Anyone?

Until it stops, I am going to support my little one’s desire for all things FROZEN, even if I’m gritting my teeth during the 7,123rd time we are singing “Let It Go.” But as I mentioned above, this little project has been saving us from afternoon meltdowns for months now, so I’m coping. Elise has used this game in so many ways and her little play date friends love it, as well (boys and girls alike even though the print is the Arendelle gals).

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If you have a FROZEN obsessed little one, let me help you out. Here are a TON of FROZEN recipes, printables, and party ideas.

I’ve made two of these sets and for Christmas, I am going to whip up another set for a little neighbor boy using a John Deere tractor fleece. All kinds of character and non-character fabric would make this inviting to most children. And because the materials are inexpensive, it’s a thrifty gifting idea as well. I’m also holding out hope that Elise will want ANYTHING OTHER THAN A FROZEN BIRTHDAY PARTY in December, so hopefully I can bribe reward celebrate her new interests.


  • 1/2 yard fleece (this can depend on your fabric’s pattern and on whether or not you have two images to use)
  • 1/3 yard felt in color 1
  • 1/4 yard felt or fleece in color 2
  • scrap cotton (for inside bags, if you choose to make them)
  • ribbon (for game board)
  • beans, rice, or other filler
  • sewing supplies

A couple notes about the amount of materials:

  1. I used the FROZEN fleece fabric you see because it had both a single Elsa and a single Anna on the print. I got a yard of it for a steal with coupons and knew I’d be wasting fabric by only cutting the circles. Obviously, depending on your fabric you could make any shape that works for it.
  2. If you’re going to make a drawstring bag to hold the pieces and the game board, you will want to get more fabric. You can use our simple drawstring bag tutorial.
  3. You will be creating a game board from one color of felt, as well as using that same color for the backs of half of your game pieces (the 1/3 yard of felt). I used fleece for some of the pieces because I had it on hand from another project but felt is a more cost effective option.

Fabric Cuts

Trace 6 inch circles into your fabric – you will want to use the right side (patterned side) to make sure you get the image mostly centered. Not sure if you can see it or not, but I used pink chalk on the FROZEN gals. Um yeah, I color coordinate my crafting. I used one of our Pyrex storage bowl lids to get a 6 inch circle. I cut 10 circles (5 each of Elsa and Anna).

Trace 6 inch circles onto your felt or fleece for the back side of the bags, giving you 10 circles (5 of each color).

FROZEN inspired toss game by Ruffles and Rain Boots .com

This step is optional — Trace 4 inch circles onto your scrap cotton. For 10 bags, you will need to cut 20 circles because you will need a front and a back. Here is the difference in sizes (note the Anna circle is pinned right sides together while the cotton scraps are pinned wrong sides together):

Bean bag game tutorial

Your last cut of fabric is for the game board: cut a piece of felt 21 inches x 21 inches, but if you’re making your discs smaller you can adjust the game board down.

Sewing and Stuffing

For the inner bags, top stitch wrong sides together leaving a 2 inch gap for filling. I used a 1/4 inch seam (see picture above).

For the outer bags, sew right sides together (see photo above), leaving a 3 inch gap for inserting the filled bag. I used a 1/2 inch seam. Once sewn (except the gap) turn right sides out.

Fill the small bags and top stitch the opening closed. Insert the small bag into the large bag and top stitch around the entire bag (about an 1/8th of an inch from the edge).

Measure 7 and 14 inches from the edges on the felt square and sew the lines of ribbon to make the game board. Turn the board and repeat for the other axis.

Rainy day game by Ruffles and Rain Boots .com

Gift It

Fold up the board and pile it and the discs into the drawstring bag, a gift box or just throw it in the general direction of your kids. Stand back and watch them make up game after game using this simple character-inspired Tic Tac Toss Game.

Note: A friend’s little boy is on the Autism spectrum and because one of his stimming habits is tossing, she believes these were a great gift for him (and of course his sister, the original recipient).

His mom was amazed how easily she made his stimming activity into a game with a purpose: throwing the discs to us (like a game of catch). She wanted me to mention that if you believe stimming habits shouldn’t be suppressed but redirected, and you have a thrower/tosser, these make a soft option.

Well thanks for joining us today and if you’re all the way down here, would you mind Pinning this for us? We do {heart} the shares.

Tic Tac Toss Game Tutorial | Ruffles and Rain Boots .com

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  1. This is so cute and such a great idea for leftover fabric! Thanks for linking up at On Display Thursdays, hope to see you again this Wednesday night :-)

  2. Oh wow! This is great!

    I love how clever you are. BRING ON THE FROZEN!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You come up with the best ideas. This is adorable! My Rebekah would love this and it looks fairly simple and fleece is on sale right now!