The Grinch Popcorn Box Printables for Family Movie Night

Print off The Grinch popcorn box set and take a Christmas movie night to a new level. Perfect for any family movie night for the holiday season.

Grinch Popcorn Box Printables for Family Movie Night

The Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

Dr. Seuss’ tale is coming to the big screen again and my daughter couldn’t be more excited! We’ve seen both versions of The Grinch and have the book – it’s safe to say it’s a favorite holiday family movie night around here.

We’ve also shared a few fun Grinch crafts (and have more coming)…

Grinch Popcorn Box set with text which reads print off these fun Grinch popcorn boxes

Supplies Needed for The Grinch Popcorn Box Downloads

You don’t need much to make a fun Grinch family movie night. For this fun and free printable popcorn box set, all you’ll need is:

  • white cardstock
  • color printer
  • scissors
  • glue stick or double-sided tape
  • popcorn :)

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Free Grinch Popcorn Box Set

How to Assemble These Grinch Movie Night Printables

These are designs you’ve seen before on our family movie night shares with Harry Potter popcorn boxes, Big Hero 6 movie night printables, and even these Moana family movie night boxes.

For the large box, print two copies of the provided template to make one box. Cut along the outside lines of the boxes and fold on the lines indicated. Glue or use double-sided tape on the tabs as shown.

For the small Grinch popcorn boxes, print one copy per box. Cut along the outside and fold on the lines indicated. Affix all tabs where indicated with glue or double-sided tape.


Free Grinch popcorn box printables with text which reads Grinch Movie Night free popcorn boxesHow to Download the Printable Grinch Popcorn Boxes

There is no need to sign up or login – these Grinch printables are free for any Grinch party, Grinch movie night, or just because you love the big green guy!

Click here to download your free Grinch popcorn movie box printables.

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A colorful and fun photo of two printable Grinch popcorn boxes with text which reads The Grinch Popcorn Box set

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