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Thank Goodness It’s Thursday No. 33

Welcome to another week of TGIT! Let’s party! 
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We’re back from our vacation and I’m so excited to see what you’ve come up with this week. I went a whole week without crafting… Well, that’s not entirely true. Elise and I did have to color a few fairies, but it’s not my fault! Jeff made me pop into the craft store at the coast. 
Made is such a strong word… Let’s go with, “Jeff suggested I pop into the craft store at the coast while our daughter was busy napping in the back seat.” That sounds more accurate. 
We got back from the coast safe and sound and BAM! – we ended up at the urgent care. Elise was stung or bit by something. The docs didn’t even know what got her that made her ankle swell up, turn an angry red, become quite warm to the touch, and make it so tender she couldn’t walk on it. The doc pulled two barbs / stingers / we don’t know what from her foot and it’s on the mend.
I really need this party but before I can to your newest creations, here are this week’s features!

Jordan’s pick:

 Baby Shower Gift Basket from Kristina at My Own Home
Sarah’s Pick: How delicious does this look? Veggies? Check. Protein? Check. Flavor? Check. I already have this in my side dish rotation. Click on over to see how quickly Catherine puts this together.
 Shredded Zucchini and Black Bean Salad from Catherine at Living The Gourmet
Becky’s Pick:
 Greek Salad with Lemon Oregano Lentils from Catherine at Living The Gourmet
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Here are some things we’d like to share with you this week:
 16 Wonderful Bake Sale Recipes from Jordan’s Onion
 Lackluster Latt Table to Toddlerific Table from Ruffles and Rain Boots
Melissa's Produce with Alex's Lemonade Stand - Fresh Plum Bites with Lemon Coconut Ricotta Cream by BeckyCharms 2014
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