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Turtles and a Toddler: Fizzy Fun

Oh the wonderful fun one can have with simple household items…  Baking soda.  Food coloring.  Vinegar.    The possibilities are ENDLESS! Click on “Read More” to join the fun!    Because we got the Learning Resources Twisty Droppers, I feel comfortable letting Danger experiment with these items now. The droppers keep her hands out of …

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Swanky Play-dough

Lemongrass. Gluten-free. 100% Natural. Play-dough. All good things. How about lemongrass gluten-free, 100% natural play-dough? Yep, you read that correctly. I just keep saying it over and over to myself while shaking my head in disbelief. I’ve made play-dough for Danger. I’ve even made edible play-dough for Danger when she was really small, just in …

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