Stocking Stuffers for 5-year-olds

This list of stocking stuffers for 5-year-olds will help you complete your holiday to do list and brighten a little one’s day!

The best stocking stuffers for 5 year olds - make holiday shopping easy!

We have to get creative for Christmas this year. Our family is heading down to spend 2 weeks in Panama over the holidays. We have house-sitting covered but we have another problem…

Our 5-year-old’s biggest questions: “How will Santa know I’m not there?” and “What if there is no chimney?” We’re getting creative with small gifts and stocking stuffers for our 5-year-old because we’ll be flying them in.

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Stocking Stuffers for 5-Year-Olds

Small Games and Toys for a 5-Year-Old’s Stocking

No stocking stuffers for 5-year-olds list would be complete without a smattering of toys, right?! These are some of our favorite small games and toys to keep the kids busy, learning, and entertained.

Amazon Echo Dot – One of THE BEST GIFTS for our 5-year-old this year has been her very own Dot in her room. Create playlists in Prime music or download fun stories and apps (try Fairy Door).

Rubik’s Cubs – We got this Rubik’s Cube Junior as a gift and were ALL impressed. If you have a set of kids of multiple ages, this cube multi-pack might be the better option to put in everyone’s stockings.

Pokemon – We have a Pokemon fan in our house and this set of 13 Poke balls and 15 mini Pokemon gets played with daily! The balls really work and can take a hit when thrown across a room.

Temporary Tattoos – Let your 5-year-old go wild after the family photos have been taken (or save them for when you’re stuck on the flight back home).

T-Shirts Make Great Stocking Stuffers for 5-Year-Olds – My 5-year-old daughter designed this unicorn t-shirt (no kidding!) and everyone we’ve gifted it to just loves it. If you have a sassy 5-year-old, this “Prickly but cute” t-shirt is a good choice.

Sensory Bin Components

5-year-olds LOVE sensory bins! If the kids are in a hotel, a clean take-out container works (between dips in the pool). My favorite sensory bin components for 5-year-olds are:

  • Water Beads – These are TINY in their packaging, a great science experiment, and are ah-may-zing in sensory bins. They’re separated by color making it fun for any theme.
  • Shaving Cream – It makes for fun writing practice (and is surpisingly not messy).
  • Dinosaurs, bugsShopkins, or any small toy set will fit perfectly in your 5-year-old’s stocking or in an advent calendar.
  • Flaxseeds, rice, or pasta – All work great as bases for a sensory bin. When combined with fun tools like this, your 5-year-old will play for hours.

Creative Supplies

Go beyond crayons and boring markers and really impress a 5-year-old with their stocking stuffer surprises! Don’t forget, you can also make boring crafting a bit special with these DIY homemade crayons!

Washi Tape – These amazing tapes will come off over anything and won’t leave a sticky residue. Get them in so many fun colors (we like to buy ours in washi tape kits).

Dot Markers – These are my daughter’s FAVORITE! We set them up at a picnic table during car breaks.

Scratch Pads – This is a stocking stuffer for 5-year-olds the parents will love! There is no mess and they’re great at the table (waiting for holiday dinner) or in a restaurant.

Mini Magna Doodle – Our little one is now obsessed with this and it’s perfect for the trip home from a holiday vacation. Note: these actually work, unlike others we’ve tried.

LEGOs – Every child we know loves LEGOs and our little one has moved beyond “Juniors” to the regular-sized sets. Here are the search results for the best LEGO sets for 5-year-olds.

Fun Self-Care and Makeup

Bath Fizzies – Winter baths are a bit longer for us and over the holidays, the addition of fun bath fizzies make it a perfect addition to a 5-year-old’s stocking.

Bath Crayons or Bath Drops – Don’t worry, they won’t stain the tub at the hotel or in your sister’s guest bathroom. :)

The Best Brush EVER! If your 5-year-old girls or boys have long or thick hair, do yourself a favor and get the full-size and travel-size versions of The Wet Brush. We have passed this tip onto everyone whose little one complains about brushing out their hair.

Which Are Your Favorites?

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The best stocking stuffers for 5 year olds girls and boys - make holiday shopping easy!


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