Spring and Easter Decorations 2014 – A “No Sew” Bashful Bunny


Easter decorations, candy, and craft supplies have been everywhere for months and I’ve resisted the temptation to get caught up in the Spring-time hoopla.

I’ve resisted the temptation but when Jeff brought home some Cadbury Creme Eggs sometime near Valentine’s Day, I had a moment of weakness. 

Other than that one little slip up, I made a goal to resist the temptation to engage in anything Easter or Spring-like until we at least made it through St. Patrick’s Day. And I did it!  

Almost. It is 6 pm (on St. Patrick’s Day) and I completed my first Spring craft. And I have another one nearly done.  

I have been sitting on some adorable “Spring-like-Easter-ish” fabric forever! Okay, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but I do have a yard and a half of it that I got for a ridiculously good price and I’ve had it for some time. 

Paired with some mint, a pale pink and a light gray, I’ve designed my 2014 Spring and Easter decorating palette around this “Keepsake Calico Fabric – White Multi Scallop Wood Cut” pattern. 

The source for the fabric swatch photo is JoAnn’s website here.  

Now, I know you might be thinking, “That doesn’t look like a Spring or Easter pattern, Sarah.” Oh but wait!  Turn it on its side. Go ahead, no one’s watching – just tilt your head to the right. How about that? Does it speak to you in soft, inviting, Spring-like whispers now? Well it did to me. 

Elise (27 months) actually took a nap today! I know, color me shocked. After getting over that whammy, I was able to do some more spring cleaning and complete this simple piece.

Oooh, that reminds me of my big, Spring-Cleaning fest – and no, that’s not why I’m excited. Last Saturday, Jeff and Elise had a Daddy/Daughter Day with our great friends, Kris, Sidney and Simon. The group attended Quota International’s Western Days at Reber Ranch. Elise had such a great time, and has been talking about the pony rides and her cowgirl hat non-stop! 

  • a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of plywood (bought for $2.39 at JoAnn, but retail is $3.99)
  • a 2 inch pom-pom (an 8 pack was $1.99 and you can use them for snowmen in winter, pom pom sensory play, or other crafts)
  • background fabric – you could get away with using a fat quarter here or use some fabric in your stash that measures 14-ish inches by 14-ish inches (mine was 14.5″ x 14.5″) 
  • bunny fabric – This was a good use for scrap fabric because the bunny I drew only measures 7.25 inches. 
  • spray adhesive, hot glue gun, scissors (I used pinking shears because I was lazy) 
  1. Cut the fabric pieces and use spray adhesive to stick the bunny on the back ground fabric. I liked the look of pinking the edges because I thought it would give the bunny some texture. And because I’m lazy. 
  2. Use spray adhesive to stick the background fabric to the plywood, making sure to line up your pattern exactly how you want. 
  3. Clip the corners and use a hot glue gun to burn your fingers affix the fabric after you’ve wrapped the ends around the sides of the wood. 

A few notes about this project: 

  1. If you can sew, you might consider attaching the bunny via applique before adhering the background fabric to the board.    
  2. Iron. It’s the crappiest part of working with fabric, but even if you pull the fabric as tight as you can, it will still look ten times better if ironed. 
  3. For the tail, you could make an adorable tulle tail, whip out a quick yarn pom-pom, or even use a stretched cotton ball. 
  4. If you don’t want this as a mantel or shelf piece, attach a piece of coordinating ribbon for a simple hanger. 
  5. Here’s a free printable of the little guy I drew up if you’d like to use it (copyright terms here). Or, Google your heart out for some cute shapes. There’s a Peeps shape my sister would love, but they kind of freak me out, so I didn’t want to think of one every time I looked at our cute little friend here. 

Bunny Butt Craft for Kids

My daughter absolutely loves this craft and giggles every time she sees it. When I came across a bunny bottom craft the kids can make, I had to share.

Sarah at Thank You Honey set up this “Bunny Booty Easter Kids Craft” and it’s adorable. Using simple shapes and supplies, the kids can make this for their grandparents, church staff, teachers, or as a room decoration. I just love it!

So what do you think of the first “no sew” addition to our Spring decorations? Let us know in the comments section or send me an email at ruffles and rain boots {at} outlook {dot} com – we love hearing from you! 


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