Spa Day With Kids

Life is hard, have a spa day. I’m sharing how to experience a bit of a spa day with kids because when you’re itching for a day of pampering, sometimes you just have to take it!

how to have a spa day at home with kids

I was at that point – you know, that point where you want to call in reinforcements or maybe even just lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes. Instead of locking myself alone in the bathroom, I invited the little one in and our entire day was filled with laughter.

As part of my Project Me for the year, I am focusing on slowing things down and paying more attention to myself. I think I’m going to pencil these kid-friendly spa days in once a month, it was so much fun.

The best part is that nothing was planned or prepared in advance! I kept things simple with a face mask, spa water, and a quick pedicure party. If we’re friends on Instagram, you might have seen our smiling faces during our fun-filled spa day. 

Spa Day with Kids – Easy Pedicure

I am cracking up as I type this because the little one cannot get enough of her toes. “Oh! Look at my pretty polka dot toes, mommy!” was heard no less than 10 times today.

This surprises me because this isn’t the first time we’ve done pedicures, but it is the first time where I made a big deal of it and included it as part of her first spa day. I love this age – an event can be made out of any small thing!

In case you’ve never performed the ‘magic’ that is a polka dot pedicure, just snip off the end of a toothpick. Run that flat end of the toothpick along the brush of your favorite nail color, and voila – instant polka dots (in about 10 seconds).

Spa Day with Kids – Face Mask (It’s Tasty Too)

I would like to apologize for the picture but I can’t help but grin ear-to-ear as I look at it, so I had to include it. It was taken in the bathroom, between fits of laughter, selfie-style. Oh, and no mirror, so I guess one could say we took it hardcore selfie-style.

For the oats, just grab a few things from the kitchen:

  • 1/2 c yogurt
  • 3 tbsp oats
  • 1 tbsp raw honey

Mix up the ingredients (I warmed the honey first) and slather the mixture on your face with a spoon. This will induce TONS of giggles and even though you’re supposed to be relaxing, just think of the ab workout you’re getting.

The kid started licking the face mask right off her face, but because it was a mixture we could have for breakfast, I didn’t worry about it. That statement might give you some insight into my “give-a-crap-o-meter” – I was running on empty, ya’ll, which is why I took this bit of respite from our day.

Side note: if you and I were talking over a bottle glass bottle of wine, you should insert a different smelly word for crap… #keepingitreal

Spa Day with Kids – Cucumber Citrus Water

Because laughing burns tons of calories and you really work up a thirst, be sure to stay hydrated! At only 3 years old, our little one isn’t allowed to go near knives yet, so I let her ‘cut’ up her play cucumber on the counter while I sliced the goodies for our cucumber citrus water.

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1/4 – 1/2 lemon (depending on your pucker preference)
  • water – We just used filtered water from our Brita, but you could use fancy, shmancy water if you’d like.

Slice the cucumber and the lemon and throw them in a large mason jar or pitcher with the filtered water. Let it sit for a while and then drink it all day, letting the little ones shake it up each time before pouring another refreshing glass.

Here’s where you could talk about why the cucumber floats like we did. Or not. You are supposed to be relaxing.

Spa Day with Kids – Additional Ideas

After having my first spa day with the little one, it got me thinking about what else we could do. I think for my next spa day with kids, I will diffuse some lemon and lavender essential oils, allowing the refreshing scent of lemon and relaxing lavender aromas set the mood.

I also think we could hit up Spotify to help the mood by choosing some tunes that are relaxing (and kid appropriate), like ‘bubbling brook’ or ‘waterfall retreat.’ Does anyone else crack up when they read things like that? I’m not sure if it’s just my sarcastic nature or not, but I can’t keep a straight face.

What else do you think we should add to our next spa day with kids? Let us know in the comments – what do you do when you’ve hit empty? What do you do to help you recharge?

If you’re looking for more ways to relax, try some of our DIY bath and beauty projects!


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  1. Aww this is such a cute idea. Thanks for posting. Hello from Thank Goodness It’s Thursday.

  2. Such a fun idea! I hear you with too many balls up in the air…it is down right exhausting. This would be such a great way to decompress and have some giggles with the littles. PS I love the polka-dot toes – so cute!!

  3. How adorable mama and baby! I seriously need to start doing this, it would be so much more effective than what I do and even though mine is a boy he’d still get a kick out of doing these things except for the pedicure though I’m sure he’d like to give me one! :D

    OH and I LOVE your new pic!

  4. Ha! I love this! I love the oatmeal mask picture! You rock mama!

    So many great ideas here. How can I not pin this one?!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What great ideas! My kids have been through the ringer with colds and viruses and terrible weather. My husband is going away for ten days and I think a spa day with my daughter is on order!

  6. It’s not acceptable to hide alone in the bathroom and be very quiet so they don’t find you? Shoot! I have been doing it wrong for so long!

    You are a fabulous mother and this great idea shows your creativity and fun spirited parenting style! I love the idea for the polka dot pedicure! I am totally going to try that one on the 7year old. I think Liese would just try to eat off the nail polish!

  7. Love these ideas Sarah! I feel ya girl about just being done. Sometimes we just need a respite from our day. Love that photo of you and your little one!

  8. Oh I am loving these ideas. I took Madison to get her first official pedicure just recently when I went to get my own mani/pedi. I think I’m going to do this next week with her. She’s been sick all week and this will surely brighten her day I’m sure. Thank you so much for the ideas.