DIY Scratch Art Rock Paintings Craft for Kids

I didn’t think this scratch art rock painting project would work but it did and the results are gorgeous. You likely have everything you need on hand for this simple rock painting idea for kids (and adults)!

This easy kindness rock idea is perfect for the very little ones and can be set up for a party or play date. You will need some crayons, black paint, and a bit of dish soap.

This is such a fun craft! Scratch art rock painting is easy, fun, and you already have everything you need. See more of our easy rock painting ideas for kids

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Scratch Art Rock Painting

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are huge fans of simple crafts like rock painting. When I dreamt up this scratch art rock painting idea, I actually didn’t think it would work. However, I had to try it because scratch art for kids is one of the time-tested favorites!

Who doesn’t love scratch art? You get to create on top of a colorful background and when you make your own, the options are endless.

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Rock Painting Supplies

We didn’t know if the craft supplies we had on hand would work, so we experimented. We tried both black acrylic paint and chalkboard paint. Use what you have on hand – after all, this is one of our easy rock painting ideas for kids.

Note: if you’re new to rock painting, here is our Get Started Page with tips and tricks and more ideas to get rock painting with kids. 

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The chalkboard paint was easier for my 5-year-old to scratch off but I had no problem with the acrylic, so I’m confident both will work for you. Use whatever you have on hand, including washable tempera paint.

  • 1 tbsp black acrylic paint, tempera, or chalkboard paint (chalkboard paint works THE BEST)
  • 1/8th of a teaspoon of dish soap (update: dish soap, not dishwasher appliance soap) ;)
  • crayons (we only buy Twistables now because they’re so easy)
  • rocks
  • foam brushes
  • something pointy (we used a skewer and a metal clay tool which worked best)
  • sealant (inside we use ModPodge, outside we are switching to Minxwax Polyurethane)

Watch How Easy It Is to Make These

If you are a visual learner, I put together a quick video tutorial on how to make scratch art rock paintings.

Step by Step Scratch Art Rock Painting

Surprisingly, this craft doesn’t take a long time to set up and complete. We didn’t seal the rocks or base paint them before coloring and they look great.

Step 1: Color the rocks with crayons!

Prepare the Scratch Art Rock by covering it in crayon

Step 2: Mix the paint and dishwasher soap until incorporated. Cover the rocks with the black paint, making sure to coat the light spots again. Just one coat will work.

Let dry completely. Ours only took about 30-minutes to dry and the chalkboard paint dried first.

Paint the crayon covered rock with paint and dishwasher solution

Step 3: Use a tool to make designs on the scratch art rock painting project you just created!

Use a metal tool and your scratch art rock painting will be revealed

Step 4: Seal the rocks for indoor or outdoor use.

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More Rock Painting Ideas

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This is such a fun craft! Scratch art rock painting is easy, fun, and you already have everything you need. #rockpainting #rockpaintingtutorial #scratchart #kbn #craftsforkids #rockpaintingbeginners

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  1. Hi, I was wondering what ratio of black paint-to-dishwasher soap you used? and also if you meant the kind that actually goes into the appliance or just dishsoap? Thanks!

    1. We used a tiny Dixie cup for the paint, so I would say no more than a tablespoon of black paint and 1/8 of a teaspoon for the dish soap.

      And yes, dish soap (to wash dishes in the sink, not the dishwasher). ;)

      Hope that helps!