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Merry, Merry Minted

My daughter and I were sitting at the breakfast table last week talking about our plan for the day and I began singing a Christmas carol. A carol before Halloween? I just laughed and started to dismiss it until I realized Christmas is only 63 days away.

Two months. Nine Saturdays. Yes, I counted. And I kind of panicked.


And now I’m calm. See how I’m already crossing items off my to-do list with a little help from Minted.

What you need to know about this look-book feature: Minted.com compensated Ruffles and Rain Boots for featuring their new holiday collection. There are no affiliate links in this article and here’s my motivation for accepting this partnership:

Each year, I challenge myself with creating a brand new theme for the holidays. One would think I don’t have enough things to do…

When I had my “Christmas is right around the corner” revelation, I made the decision to use the theme I created last year and build upon it. You’ll start seeing some crafts show up on Ruffles and Rain Boots once I schedule some time to make them! Fall is such a busy, busy time. Kids are in school with sports, plays, and recitals, and between work, the gym, Thanksgiving, attending holiday parties, and sprucing up the house for guests, Fall morphs into winter and one can run out of time in a blink!


Minted.com is helping to cross one or two items off my list. If you’ve ever looked online for holiday cards, invitations, or wedding or birth announcements, I’m sure you’ve come across Minted. They have gifts, business cards, calendars, and even fabric, ya’ll. Fabric. One of the most beautiful places on the Internet is their blog, Julep. It’s a little piece of eye candy and design goodness for you so that you can get inspiration for crafts or parties, or just to take a break from perusing Minted’s extensive holiday card collection.

Truthfully, I got lost on Minted’s site for a while testing some of our photos in a number of designs. I’ve put together some of my favorites – let me know which of these styles you like. Oh and when you decide you must absolutely have one of these designs below, just click on it and it will take you right to the design on Minted!

See how Minted and I are helping to make your holiday tasks a little easier? You’ll have cards picked out in no time and one of your holiday to-do items crossed off! And if you’re having a get together, you could have the invitations printed up at the same time! Oooh, I just love it when things are coordinated but not all match-matchy, don’t you?

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I really love the foil pressed and metallic cards right now. Specifically, I am crushing on gold which is very uncommon for me, as I’ve always been a platinum and silver kind of gal.

Minted Stationary Minted Christmas Cards Minted Reviews Minted Happy Holidays Image Map

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I adore a neutral palette with small pops of color, so these are really piquing my interest right now, too. Clean, simple, and natural.

Minted Review Minted.com Review Minted Cards Review Image Map

Traditional takes with modern tones are such a great way to spice things up – this lady can only take so much green and red, ya know? Blue and silver are like my peanut butter and jelly, so I might have to go the traditional route with a color twist. For me, it’s taking baby steps to a bolder design.

Minted Holiday Cards Minted Christmas Cards Review Minted Holiday Card Review Image Map

And speaking of bold: I love bright red. Red is most definitely my signature color (name that flick), so I’m loving all of these. And that baby in the bottom? Precious! The kid is cute, but that reindeer? I. Want. One. Like. Yesterday!

Minted.Com-Review Minted-Review Minted-Review Image Map

One of my favorite Minted features is that you can spice things up with your choice of colors or shapes. Do you prefer cards with a great design instead of a photo? Do you like to jazz things up by sending ornament or luggage tag style cards? Or maybe you have the “Year in Review” in your family, sending out a yearly recap with every card?

It’s your turn! After you make sure you’ve signed up to get our newsletter, let me know which holiday card style you will be choosing this year. Oh and here’s a little bit of holiday-joy-come-early for ya: Minted has a promotion on right now! Because keeping a little bit of moolah to better help you deck your halls is always in the spirit of giving, right?

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  1. I got my Christmas cards last year through Minted and they were the BEST Christmas cards ever. So well made and beautiful!

    I love the natural options you put together. It’s so funny how my tastes change every year. One year I like bright and bold and the next year I like retro, then I like natural.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh la, these are so dang pretty! Um, whoa 9 Saturdays!!!!??? NOOOOOOO! That’s WAY too soon! Gotta get to work! :D

  3. I went shopping yesterday and the store owner told me there were only 10 weeks until Christmas, eekk!

    I have never heard of minted.com before. they have some super cute options! This year I am getting my cards out early!! No more delaying for me :)

    1. Me either, Jen. I gave birth to my daughter and was writing out my Christmas cards right after because I was simply out. of. time. I will never be in that predicament again.