Resolutions and Goals

Resolutions and the New Year

Are you a resolutions maker? I’m more of a gal who likes to set goals and hash out objectives – a definite byproduct of my project management days. Approaching a new year is like a new project, right? Project Me. I promise I don’t get out the project software or the flip charts and white boards – for Project Me, it’s simple.

Resolutions and Goals | Ruffles and Rain Boots

Professor Pete’s Story

While getting my Master’s degree, I met a professor with whom I had a near-instantaneous bond. He became my advisor and mentor and is still someone I think of often. He had the following tattooed on his wrist:  “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”

As you can imagine, I asked him about this. I guess I’m kind of nosy and in my defense, it was sort of an odd thing to have a professor with ink so visible.

This is his abridged story. Oh, and we’re going to call him, Professor Pete, even though that’s not even close to his real name.

Lincoln Walk Slowly

When he was 22, Professor Pete sat with his father while he lie dying. Because he was uncomfortable sitting in silence with the only respite being his father’s irregular breathing, my professor started talking about a job offer he was given just two days before. He said that he might have to take it even though it was out of the field he wanted to be in, but that there were no openings where he wanted in his field. Professor Pete prattled on and on about this, posing the question of whether or not he should stay where he was or take the job and try to like it.

After 15 minutes of Professor Pete rambling on (his words, not mine), his father replied with, ‘It doesn’t matter.” Professor Pete was shocked at his father’s words and sat there staring at his dad, open-mouthed and silent. Professor Pete’s pop laughed and then stressed the importance of continually improving; to always strive for a higher level in anything you do; to never be static. His father begged him to remember to always move forward, even if it’s inch-by-inch. Before he died, Professor Pete’s father repeated this quote from Honest Abe no less than 5 times.

Professor Pete had it tattooed on his wrist the day of his father’s funeral.


My New Year

I took this story to mean that no matter how big the goal, no matter how impossible it might seem, one can always take small and measured steps toward it. Now, I have some of the same goals as most: be the best parent I can be, be a supportive and loving wife, and to stop eating chips and salsa late at night.

Actually, I might need ya’ll to stage an intervention for that last one.

But blogging has been kind of a game-changer for me this year; blogging is now a big part of my Project Me. I’ve learned so much this past year, and that thirst for knowledge is addicting.

The pride is nearly palpable after one figures out how to code something without instruction (albeit after a few failed attempts in my case). When you reach a group of readers who engage in a back-and-forth discussion on a project, it energizes you to make something else that would get that conversation going again with new readers.

[Tweet “The dark side of blogging. #thestruggleisreal”]

But there is a dark side to blogging. “Come to the dark side,” it says. “We have cookies. And social media. And editorial calendars. And sharing groups. And statistics.”

And before you know it, you’re staying up until 2 am trying to get a post scheduled. You’re taking (and retaking, and retaking, and retaking) photos. You’re performing acrobatic feats to find the best shot of your latest project. You start begging the clouds to give you just a 10 minute window of sunshine. In Seattle. In winter. And you do all this while the kiddo is having her quiet time or after she’s gone to bed because you tell yourself that your hobby shouldn’t take away from the time you get with her.

What I’m saying is that although this blog is a huge part of my life, Project Me, I’m keeping it (and the goals I have for it) in perspective. I’ve created this printable for all my blogger friends. It makes me laugh, and that’s awesome in itself, but it also reminds me to not get caught up in it. Tack it up on your wall or save it to your Facebook page. Ahem, hint.

Free Blog Printable From Ruffles and Rain Boots

So, Happy New Year to all my friends, family, and readers. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2015. Speaking of 2015, does anyone know where a gal can start learning about shooting with a DSLR? I’m in over my head with this new toy… On a sweeter note, I tried my hand at hand cutting a 2015 cookie for New Year’s. It wasn’t too pretty (gold and silver luster dust look much better in person), but it sure was tasty!

Hand Cut Pedestal New Years Cookie


  1. Oh geez. At first I thought the professor story was a little heavy for new year’s goals, but the way you tied it all together encouraged me to keep moving forward little by little. I love it! Oh and the chips at night..yeah I literally just left Echo’s blog and told her about my late night chip binges. If someone could get an intervention for me too please……

  2. Love this quote!! And I love me a good quote :) Blogging can swallow you up if you let it. I took some time off in December and that helped a lot. I brainstormed, did some reading about blog efficiency, and laid out basic plan of attack. Sometimes stepping back and taking a breath makes all the difference in the world.

    As for the DSLR, I don’t really have any tips. I have my husband help with photography projects ;) My bff is a photographer so I know she would help if I had any questions. Maybe a close friend can lend you some tips?

    Have a great 2015!!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I’m slowly figuring out the DSLR but still shooting in P mode instead of manual.

      Blogging is definitely something that can swallow you up – I love that because it’s so spot-on. A break and perspective help to keep it in check. Thanks for stopping by, Katie.

  3. That quote is amazing!

    Also, that printable is epic. I may have it framed. I am sort of a rogue ambassador for the #darksideofblogging…

    Do you want some cookies?

  4. LOVE the story, need to remember that! Haha chips and salsa! LOL Hey the cookie is not bad, I’m pretty impressed!

  5. What an awesome story about Professor Pete and his pop.

    Blogging can swallow us… that’s for sure.

    My blog pause wasn’t a pause for me at all. I worked my tail off to produce an editorial calendar, create pages, write posts, and plan, plan, plan. Lots of work my friend.

    I love this printable. Super duper cute. I need the mug and t-shirt version too.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I love the idea of a blog pause – it allowed you to tackle your ‘to do’ list and get ready for 2015, while giving life to older material. It’s kind of a genius concept, when you really think about it!

      The famous quote was something I saw on a magnet years ago and just came across on Etsy a few weeks back. I laughed so hard that I needed to incorporate it into my life somehow.

      Happy New Year to you and the family, Jennifer.

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