My Moulin Rouge Extra and A Fun Afternoon Craft

This is an awesome pic of an awesome craft at

There are times when my mommy brain is tired.

Tired on days when I’ve over done it at the gym with the trainer, like today. Tired on days when I should have gone to bed before the night rolled into the next day, also today. Tired on days when we are trying potty training but it isn’t going well…

Just tired.

Thanks to a friend of ours, we have a new, secret weapon to bail Mom out: ready-to-assemble paper bag friends! Click on “Read More” to dance with us. 

I once posited that I might have created a toddler craft monster and I believe I can say, without a doubt, that I did. 

There are many times throughout the day – yep, I said day there – that she crawls into her chair at the table and politely asks to craft something. 

Even though most of the time it’s a lesson in futility to think I’ll get a new response, I ask, “What would you like to craft, Elise?” 

Aside from the few glorious times she would like to play with her play clay, color with crayons or glue random pieces of construction paper, her response is usually, “Don’t know, Mommy. Want to craft, please.”

And sometimes, for the life of me, I just really can’t think of something new. 

And now for a while at least, I don’t have to because our friend, Jennie, got Elise a great little bundle from Alex Toys: the Paper Bag Puppets box! 

Check out this little nugget right before we got started: 

She was just so excited to get started! 

And oh my heavens, seriously. It even comes with the glue stick, people!

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

In the box, there are enough supplies for 5 puppets (a cow, an elephant, a parrot, a frog and a lion). Each puppet is packaged separately for parental convenience (thank you Jennie and Alex Toys!) and comes with a boat load of stickers, arms, legs, tails, eyes and mouths. 
This is supposed to be an awesome picture of some awesome fun we are having at

Here she is busy crafting away! She did ask for help quite a bit as to where to put the glue on the ears, mane, tail and arms/legs but I think it’s because she knows she is supposed to put the glue on the back of whatever she’s gluing. The way these are designed, they need to glue the printed side of the pieces and I think it threw her for quite a loop. 

Oh, and the reason my kid looks like a cast-off extra from Moulin Rouge is because we were potty training and well, let’s just say she really doesn’t want to stop playing to be bothered with anything so basic as going to the potty. We changed her ‘big girl panties,’ socks and baby legs so many times during the day, I gave up trying to match anything. 

Did I mention I was tired? :) 

You can get your own kit ALEX® Toys – Early Learning Paper Bag Puppets -Little Hands 1411for about $10 (affiliate link). 

What are your ideas for crafting with a toddler? Let us know in the comments section or just let us know you stopped by. We love hearing from you!

Ruffles and Rain Boots, toddler crafts, toddler activities, fun crafts for kids, rainy day activities, sarcastic mom


Ruffles and Rain Boots, toddler crafts, toddler activities, fun crafts for kids, rainy day activities, sarcastic mom
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