A Sweet Mother’s Day Craft – Mother’s Day Done Right

It was only my second Mother’s Day so I am in no way an expert, but this one was the best one ever!

Elise and I woke up earlier than I planned – although the days of “sleeping in” are long since gone, I believe. She is going through a nasty teething episode which means we are both left wanting sleep. We had a nice leisurely morning however, bonding during breast feeding and reading books, while Jeff made us a tasty breakfast.
So I need to back up to about a week ago, when Jeff said my Mother’s Day present had arrived. He insisted I open it and I did…And what did my eyes gaze upon but 48 – yep, 48 – Cadbury Creme Eggs.Yes, the ones sold at Easter.

Yes, the candy that if you eat a single one, puts your body into a sugar COMA! Oh how I have a love / hate thing with them. They are so irresistible! Jeff knows my weaknesses…

Anywhoo… Jeff kept asking me all week if I loved my Mother’s Day present, to which I mostly replied “yes, but…” I feared he was missing that what I really wanted. It wasn’t something that could be purchased, even though I had NO IDEA what I wanted.I know, it’s strange and a little bit crazy. Actually, that’s probably a really good description of a new mother, isn’t it?
Although he put it on the table the first thing in the morning, I completely missed it even though I walked right by it at least 30 times. A sweet, handmade present for which he and my daughter conspired. Well, Jeff conspired and Elise was sort of along for the ride, I suppose.
Ah, motherhood. It’s weird. Seriously. Everything changed and it couldn’t be rmore awesome.
Whenever I am asked to describe an experience or an event, I try to pick no more than 5 things – good or bad – to focus on. At this point, when I think of motherhood the following comes to mind, in no particular order:
– fun
– exhausting
– amazing
– love
Other than a little more sleep, there sure isn’t much I’d change about it!
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