Monster and Alien Cookies with a Cookie Cutter Hack!

Make these monster and alien cookies without using the “right” cookie cutters. This cookie cutter hack is so much fun and is a great challenge for kids.

Use this cookie cutter hack to make the most adorable monster and alien cookies. #cookies #cookiedecorating

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Monster and Alien Cookies Hack

I’m a lazy crafter, meaning I’ll look for shortcuts and workarounds to save time, money or my sanity. To think that wouldn’t carry over to cookie decorating is to be viewing life through rose-colored glasses, don’t ya think? 

True to form, I got quite lazy when decorating this set of cookies, but I’m sharing because the idea was awesome (if I do say so myself), even if my cookie decorating skills are not.  

Not having a spaceship, alien or monster cookie cutter, I improvised. Okay, I flat-out stretched to the far reaches of the cookie decorating galaxy.

When asked what she wanted to learn about next, the kidlet said “space and the aliens with some monsters in spaceships.” Her only other requirement was that we used green. 


Cookie Cutter Hack

I went through the cookie cutters I had and improvised.  

Psst: you’ll see a lot of eyes on these cuties. They are candy eyes and are stinking ADORABLE and easy. You can grab this sized candy eyes here.


To make the spaceship cookie, I used a woman’s hat from a set of Ladies Day Out Tin Cookie Cutter 6 Pc Set I got about a hundred (or 6) years ago (partner link). It’s a great set because it includes a lot of versatile pieces. 

This spaceship cookie was my first “you have to wait for the ship’s panels to dry” experiment (I hate waiting). It was also my first foray into adding luster dust. I didn’t use enough. #lessonlearned



Next up: aliens. Yep, didn’t have any cookie cutters that looked remotely like an alien. I chose a spider cookie cutter from the Wilton Bug Buddies Metal Cutter set.

A spider, Sarah? Really? 

Stay with me. I chose the spider, yes. And then I turned it upside down. 

BAM! I know – pure creative genius, right? Okay, listen: I know it’s a stretch, but I’m calling this a win. Horrible picture but adorable aliens, right? 


We made additional aliens using a small circle and a small square cookie cutter. I hacked off half the circle and kind of pressed the dough together before cooking. Once cooked, they were solid with no risk of breaking.  



Last up are the monsters in this cookie cutter hack for monster and alien cookies. For these, I pieced together a scalloped plaque cookie cutter (for some reason, I wanted them to have hair) and a rectangle. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Over to You

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