Letter Sorting Craft – A Fun Learning Activity

This is an awesome pic of an awesome craft on RufflesAndRainBoots.com

I have paper plates in my pantry, but I have a confession: we never, never, never use paper plates in our house. Not for food, anyway.

“Why then do you have so many?” one might ask. “Just in case,” I reply. “Just in case of what?” Uh oh.

A zombie apocalypse? Maybe. But one cannot admit that they are squirreling anything away for a zombie apocalypse, lest they be looked at sideways. Come up with something else, Sarah. Anything! Power outages? Better… 

“Crafts” seems like a solid answer. “A letter recognition craft” seems like an even better one, so let’s go with that! Click on “Read More” to check out our newest letter recognition craft that has nothing to do with zombies. I promise.

Honestly, I don’t know why I have so many different sizes, shapes and colors of paper plates, because the last time we used paper plates in our house was the night before our wedding. Not very green of us, I know, but there were a ton of people. I wanted to hurry over to that swanky hotel and get my pampering on, people, not do dishes all night.    

Back to the here-and-now: Little Danger-Dear knows her capital letters, but the lowercase is new. Maybe most two year olds don’t have problems with this, but Elise only acknowledges the uppercase letters when we’re reading, kind of just ignoring the lowercase ones.

In order to start her focused learning, I figured it would be best if they were paired with the ones she knows, hence both letters on a plate. I gathered various toys that started with A-E, set up the plates on the floor next to the toys, and described the ‘game.’

This is an awesome pic of an awesome craft on RufflesAndRainBoots.comOn each plate, I drew one very small item that started with the letter. It was great because for the “D,” she saw it, made the “duh” sound and then said, “dee is for dog.”  

As an expansion on this activity, I will let her add other drawings that start with the letters, but for now, she’s just having fun with them as they are. 

There were two things that did trip her up: 

  • I used an airplane puzzle piece, and it was the only one that Elise just could not figure out without help. I tried giving her clues, but it took me writing it down and showing it to her for her to place it on the “Aa” plate. 
  • She was able to place and name all of the others easily, except the camel. She kept saying, “Kuh” is for ‘K’. Mommy, there’s no ‘K.'” I think I’m starting to get the whole, “Hooked oh Phonics” thing…  
This is an awesome pic of an awesome craft on RufflesAndRainBoots.comWe’ve done this activity a few times now, and she sure did have fun running over the pile of animals / puzzle pieces and then running back to the paper plate every, single time. 
In fact, her excitement and energy helped me to hone this game for another expansion activity: I am going to place these suckers all over the house, hand her a bucket of things to sort, and then let her run around for exercise on a rainy day! 

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