Quick and Easy Ladybug Craft for Kids

Make this quick and easy ladybug craft with your toddler or preschooler. It takes just 10-minutes, makes NO MESS, and they work on patterning, scissor skills, and fine motor. This makes this easy Spring craft one of the best kid’s crafts for young children.
Quick and Easy Ladybug Craft for Kids
Having an outspoken 2.5 year old with an advanced vocabulary means that her opinions, likes and dislikes are expressed freely. The little one woke up one morning and said, “Mommy, we are going to make a ladybug today.” 
With a few smiles and art supplies later, we had ourselves one heck of a cute ladybug. 

A Quick Ladybug Craft for Spring

Elise’s vocabulary and language skills allow her to {almost} clearly communicate her desires and because I’ve created a crafting monster, she now helps to choose the crafts most days. 
She was so excited to craft a ladybug that we started on it immediately after breakfast. Luckily, this was a quick craft (start to finish = 10 minutes), so I wasn’t too concerned that we crafted before brushing teeth! A little construction paper, glue, pipe cleaner remnants, and a dot marker are all that are needed for this craft. 
She wielded the dot marker like a wild woman and splattered little dots on the red paper while I cut out the ladybug’s body from black construction paper. 
She loves the dot marker! 

Glue on Googly Eyes

While the ink was drying on the red paper, we gathered our accessories. I believe it is a universal truth that all children (and most adults) get a kick out of anything with googly eyes.
We sure do love them ’round here! From our stash of about a thousand, she chose two eyes (of the same size) for this adorable aphid eater. 

Add Antennae to the Ladybug

We started the selection process – and it was a process – for the perfect pipe cleaners for antennae. Elise decided an orange one (Daddy’s favorite color) and a purple one (the ladybug’s favorite color) were just right. 
She helped me cut out the wings and then took great care in gluing them onto the body.”Oh no! They’re not sta-waight!” was uttered quite a few times, but we got them on there, after a fashion. 
Before she would succumb to placating me with a menial task like teeth brushing, she wanted to hang it up on “Daddy’s bedroom door.” After Lilly the little ladybug was hung, our little lady was one happy gal. 
What simple crafts have you and your kids completed in 10 minutes? I would love to hear your suggestions so we can set them up! 

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  1. This is sooooooooooo cute!! And you make it look easy to make. I’m not very good with handy-work, but it’s too cute not to try :)