How to Make a Gnome Hat – 15 Ways

Learn how to make a gnome hat in so many styles for a sock gnome, wood gnome, pinecone gnome, and so much more. You can make a felt gnome hat, fabric hat, or even a gnome hat using a sweater sleeve!

Using this guide, you can use most any fabric, sock, or felt to create gnome hats for Christmas gnomes, event gnomes, or everyday decor. Be sure to read through the tips and get the free gnome hat patterns and video tutorials showing how to make each one.

six image collage of DIY gnomes made with different types of gnome hats for an instructional post on how to make a gnome hat
You can learn how to make a gnome hat out of most fabrics, felt, sweaters, and even some surprising finds.

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Learn How to Make Gnome Hats

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I make a lot of gnomes… No really, it’s a thing around here and I absolutely love it. I have made hundreds of Christmas gnomes, felt gnomes, and all manner of DIY gnome crafts.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

If you want to learn how to make a gnome hat from any material, just read below. I am sharing how to make a felt gnome hat, a sweater sleeve hat, a gnome hat from fabric, and even a gnome hat made from a sock with a trick to hide the heel! Let’s get started.

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stacked vertical image with a collage of 6 different gnome hat styles made with many materials with text which reads how to make a gnome hat patterns and step by step instructions

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Gnome Hat Patterns and Video Tutorials

There are a ton of different styles of hats you can make with gnomes and some don’t even need a pattern. Below, I’ll share those that you can make with and without a pattern or guide.

That said, I have shared a TON of gnomes and gnome hat patterns here on Ruffles and Rain Boots. Here are a few that people absolutely LOVE. Scroll through and click on your favorite style for the free tutorials.

If you’re a visual learner, be sure to check out the YouTube channel with TONS of ways to make a gnome hat. I’ll walk you through each one.

Three Free Gnome Hat Patterns (No Sew)

To decide on the style you might like, watch this quick video to shhow how to make a few patterns in this single tutorial. Most people love the steeple hat.

Vertical collage of three gnomes with wrap around beards with text which reads DIY creamer bottle gnome with 3 free hat patterns.
You can turn a coffee creamer bottle into an adorable gnome with swappable hats.

How to Make a Gnome Hat with a Sock

Sock gnomes are some of the fastest and easiest gnomes to make – you can even make a gnome in just 3 minutes! Using a sock for a gnome hat, however, often stumps people because of the heel. Read below or watch this easy sock gnome video tutorial to learn how to make a gnome hat from a sock.

  1. Make the sock gnome body by filling the toe portion of a sock with weight (I use Poly Pellets, but aquarium gravel or small rocks works, too).
  2. Add on a beard and nose to the gnome body.
  3. Slip on the HEEL portion of the sock onto the gnome body.
  4. Tie off the toe portion of the sock with a bit of string or twine (can put stuffing or a pompom in the end).
  5. In the back, push the heel into the sock upwards to hide the heel and secure with glue.
Two adorable sock gnome examples of how to make a gnome form a sock in 3 minutes.
Learn how to make a gnome hat from a sock without the heel showing.

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Gnome Hat Made with Fabric

The most versatile gnome hat, fabrics like cotton, flannel, velvet, and fleece can really bring out the personality or help you fit a theme. Below are the easy steps but if you’re a visual learner, check out this video tutorial on how to make a gnome hat with any fabric.

  1. To make a fabric gnome hat without a pattern, first construct the gnome body. It is best to have everything on the body before moving forward, so add the beard or braids, nose, and arms (if using).
  2. Wrap the straight edge of the fabric around the gnome body where you want it to sit. If your fabric is stretchy, be sure to have the stretch side of the fabric on the bottom or brim edge.
  3. Add about 1 inch (~2.5 cm) to the width of the fabric and make a note or notch in the fabric.
  4. Determine how high (or long) you want the fabric hat to be and make a note or notch in the fabric.
  5. The easiest way is to CUT A SQUARE shape using the notches you made.
  6. Fold the square in half vertically and cut from the farthest point on the brim (OPEN SIDE, not folded side) to the top edge of the folded portion of the fabric.
  7. Place right-sides of the fabric together and hot glue or sew to secure. Turn right-sides out and slip the fabric gnome hat onto the body and secure.
portrait of Christmas gnome family made with the cone gnome tutorial on holiday background.
You can make a gnome hat for a cone, sock gnome, or wood gnome from any fabric!

Sweater Sleeve Gnome Hat

Learning how to make a gnome hat with a sweater sleeve is honestly one of the easiest ways to add character and style to a handmade gnome. Sweater hats can fit around Styrofoam cones, sock gnomes, felt gnome bodies, wooden gnomes, and well, any pattern I’ve thought up so far.

Below are my tips for making this style but you can see me make a sweater sleeve gnome hat here in this gnome with a sweater hat video tutorial.

  1. Make the gnome body, applying a beard, nose, and arms (if using).
  2. Slip the sweater’s sleeve around the completed body. If it is snug, you can cut a corseted section from the sweater’s ribbed sleeve or just let it be a little tight. If it is is too loose, tug it down in the back.
  3. Determine the height (or length, if making a fold-over gnome hat) and cut the sleeve.
  4. Turn the sleeve wrong-sides out and fold over a hem where you cut the sweater. I like to make a double hem just so the tighter-woven sweaters do not come undone.
  5. Tie the end (or glue the inside to a point), turn right-sides out, and slip the sweater sleeve hat onto your gnome. Decorate and enjoy!
stable bodied gnome with a sweater hat
Make a gnome with a sweater sleeve for a hat (quick, easy, and no-sewing involved).

How to Make a Gnome Chef Hat

For years, I’ve put together chef gnomes as gifts and kitchen decor. The small ones even make for adorable tiered trays on a kitchen island.

To make a chef hat, you just need two pieces of fabric, a glue gun, and a needle and thread. Here’s how to make an adorable chef hat for any sized DIY chef gnome.

  1. Cut a circle of fabric between 10-12 inches. You can use cotton, fleece, or a blend (not felt).
  2. Cut a band of stiff felt 2 inches tall by the width of your gnome body plus half an inch for the seam.
  3. Roll the stiff felt on the edge of a table to avoid creasing. Fold the two short ends together, creating a hoop and glue or sew the seam.
  4. Use the needle and thread to make a running stitch one half inch away from the edge and with stitches one half inch apart. Pull the two ends together, bringing in the hat. Secure the string by tying them in a double knot.
  5. Glue the drawn circle to the inside of the felt hoop, tacking down the scrunches directly to the felt. Place on your gnome!
square image of a large chef gnome with a striped apron and heart pocket with chef hat and white mustache
You can make a chef hat in just minutes!

How to Make a Mudflap Gnome Hat (Gnome Hunter Hat)

Whether you’re a fan of the ear flaps or you need something different, this mudflap gnome hat pattern will make it easy. Most people are LOVING this one because it comes together with hot glue and that fabric will cover any mistakes.

Buffalo check fleece and Sherpa fleece earflap hat on bearded gnome in woodland background.
Boop the nose on this adorable hunting gnome with an even cuter mudflap hat.

How to Make a Gnome Hat with Felt

Felt is such an inexpensive material to use when making a gnome hat. It can be conformed for any body style (sock gnome, sewn gnome body, or even a wood block body.

You can buy felt in sheets for smaller gnomes (anything under about 8 inches high) or off the bolt. When buying felt on the bolt, consider making a large porch gnome or Christmas tree gnome.

How to Cut an Easy Felt Gnome Hat

Below are instructions to make a gnome hat from felt. If you’re a visual learner, here is a felt gnome hat video tutorial.

  1. Make the gnome body so you will not have to guess a size hat to cut; use the completed gnome body as your guide.
  2. Fold a corner of a sheet or piece of felt into a triangle.
  3. Cut a rounded off bottom, going from one edge to the other, for the desired HEIGHT. The width will be adjusted in the next step.
  4. Fold over the long edges of the felt triangle as you wrap it around your gnome body. Mark the overlapped portion and secure with glue or stitches.
diy swedish gnomes from wood
Learn how to make a basic felt gnome hat without a pattern.

How to Make a Hooked Gnome Hat from Felt

One of the traditional gnome hat styles is a hooked hat. If you want to use two colors of felt or even want to make an entire gnome from felt (body and hat), read below for the instructions or watch this felt gnome video tutorial here.

  1. Download a free gnome felt hat pattern with a hook like this one. This felt gnome pattern actually comes with the body, hat, arms, and full instructions to make three styles of felt gnomes.
  2. Trace it onto felt (fold the felt and pin or trace two, flipping the pattern once so they align).
  3. Cut it out and hot glue or sew the outer edge. Slip it on the gnome and secure.
free gnome pattern for a scandinavian gnome trio
Use a free pattern to make a felt gnome hat in a traditional hooked style.

How to Make a Clay Pot Gnome Hat

Okay so I know this one is a bit “out there,” but people loved these when I shared them so I am adding it here. Clay pots (terra cotta pots) make for a gnome hat when you a) position them correctly and b) pair them with a wide, squatty body like a sock gnome.

Below are my steps to creating a clay pot gnome hat but if you’re a visual learner, here is a flower pot hat gnome video tutorial.

  1. Make the gnome body, complete with beard and nose secured. I suggest a sock gnome or a wide, squishy, short body base of some kind. If it isn’t stuffed well or is just shy of being as wide as the opening of the pot, add a wire into the body to support the pot.
  2. Paint the hat. I find a coat of white makes all colors more vibrant (spray paint to save time and effort).
  3. Position the painted terra cotta pot gnome hat on the top knot of the sock gnome body or the wire. Make sure it is tilted up and resting on the nose but pulled down enough to cover the top of the beard. Secure to the body of the gnome (on the inside of the pot, outside of the gnome body) both in front and back).
Two diy spring gnomes with a pot hat on moss background.
Make a clay pot hat for a gnome using a Dollar Tree terra cotta pot and a sock gnome.

Wide Brim Gnome Hat (aka Witch Gnome Hat / Wizard Gnome Hat)

The wide brim hat is one many of my readers cannot figure out how to make without sewing. Instead of creating a pattern, I show you how to make your very own wide brim gnome hat (with or without a bendable brim).

Vertical image of a Spring clay pot gnome made with wizard hat pattern, floral crown, and heart shaped two color gnome beard in front of a brown and white background with log, moss, and pink flowers.
This gorgeous no-sew gnome is ready for the flowers and rain showers of Spring with that wide brim hat!

Scarf Gnome Hat Pattern Tutorial

If you’re a fan of inexpensive fabrics, head to a dollar store and pick up their fleece scarves. They are actually quite a bit of fabric that can be used to make gnome hats. As shown in this Dollar Tree Light Up Gnome tutorial, the steps are SO easy for this one.

  1. Fold one end of the scarf to the height you want and cut the end opposite the fold. These look great cut 6-8 inches for a standing gnome hat or 14-16 inches for a floppy one.
  2. Add a brim to the open edges, if desired, and glue or sew the sides closed.
  3. Use a piece of twine or a cut from the scarf to tie up the top.
  4. Slip onto any body style of gnome.
Close up vertical image of a mop gnome with cotton mop head gnome beard and red and black buffalo check floppy hat in front of a holiday background.
Make the most of Dollar Tree finds by creating this gnome for Christmas.

More Gnome Hat Patterns

Because I make premium patterns, I do have a lot of gnome hat patterns and if you would like to make things even easier on yourself, grab one. A few of my best-selling gnome patterns are:

  • Scandinavian Sweeties Gnome Pattern – This no-sew or sewn gnome (yes, it’s BOTH) produces a solid, 10-12 inch gnome that has oodles of old-world charm.
  • Cozy Gnome Sewing Pattern – A gnome sewing pattern who’s such a tall drink of water (14-16 inch gnome). This pattern is great for twisty hats.
  • Icelandic Lovey Gnome Pattern – Another one which can be glued or sewn, I love this little set because you have oodles of options (produces gnomes perfect for tiered trays at 4-6 inches).

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Square image of four DIY gnomes made with different materials for a tutorial on how to make a gnome hat out of anything

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