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Giving Up the Pacifier: A How To (Of Sorts)

Ditching the Pacifier at Age 2?

This is an awesome pic of an awesome craft on

About 6 months ago, after seeing a Disney flick during kid care time at the gym, our daughter woke up liking fairies. And fairy wings. And fairy wands. Thanks, Tink.


You are one crafty fairy and I’m going to steal a page from your book.

Click on “Read More” to see how we are getting our daughter to ditch the pacifier.
I LOVE tu-tus. So does Elise.
I love glitter. So does Elise.
I love those little wings and wand sets you can get for $10. Go figure, but so does Elise.

Jeff tolerates our love of all these things, even as he is picking glitter off every surface in our house and is nearly blinded with by swinging fairy wands. :)

So anyway…

When we started talking about the pacifier being heaved-the-ho right on out of here, we came up with: The Sapi Fairy. Yep, that gets capitalized. I mean, this broad is really well-rounded: philanthropy, recycling, she has wings and flies, and she gives gifts. Who wouldn’t fall for this love her? We knew that to get rid of the pacifier, we had to have a hook.

Let me tell you a little about The Sapi Fairy.
1. She is a fairy. THAT is super cool in and of itself.
2. She takes all the pacifiers from the big girls and
3. she delivers them to all of the new babies.
4. When it’s time for her to come to collect your sapi, you will get a present and a book as a thank you for your sacrifice donation.

Our daughter can recite this list of attributes by heart because we have been talking about it for 6 months.
Before nap. Before bed. Every time she asks for her sapi. Every morning she wakes up.

Six months.

I put her down for a nap without the pacifier to test it out and it went well. It went okay. It did not go as well as expected. At least she got in some sleep.

Well, last night was the first night we went sans-sapi…

  • I prepared a card – replete with glitter. It was gushing with glitter!
  • I prepared her book. A simply drawn “Goodnight America” book in the “Goodnight Our World,” series. It is nothing too flashy but she has really enjoyed some of the other books in the series.
  • I prepared her present. An owl stuffed animal from Wild Republic. It is the SOFTEST owl in existence and I love him. I promise to share him with Elise.

We got to the point in our nightly routine when it was time for Elise to come find Mommy after reading books with Daddy. And lo-and-behold — The Sapi Fairy had come!

It was cute. She “hoot-hooted” to the owl. She liked the sparkly card. She wanted to immediately read the book with Dad. She snuggled the owl and wanted to sleep with it. And then it was bedtime. And she didn’t cry! It took her about 20 minutes longer than normal to actually fall asleep, but hey – I’m going to chalk that one up in the ‘success’ column.
And then…

I am actually writing this at 1:08 am because we are up again for the 4th time tonight. Hopefully it will be the last…

~~~ Ok, it wasn’t the last time I was up, but it was the last time I took to the keyboard. ~~~
I totally forgot what it felt like to get sleep in trickling amounts. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it stinks.

Elise is tired. I am tired. But we made it through Night One. Woo hoo! We’ve only had one casualty: the expensive, custom pillow I had made to match her room was found with nearly ALL the stuffing ripped out and strewn about the crib and surrounding areas. Luckily, Danger-dear only went “Destructo” on the pillow insert and not the swanky cover. Easily fixed, but I still had to have a sit-down with her to explain some ground rules.

Please let me know via the comments section if you have any pointers, tips, advice, words of wisdom as we start this journey. Enjoy your day!

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