Fun Loose Tea Infusers Sure to Bring a Smile

If you’re looking for fun loose tea infusers, we’ve rounded up our favorites. Get a head start on your gift-giving and get one for the tea lover in your life!

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Fun Loose Tea Infusers

Tea lovers aren’t affected by the time of year, but for the rest of us, tea season is about to start! Here in Seattle, I move from coffee to tea when the rainy season starts. Recently, I was If you do, too, check out some of the most fun loose tea infusers I’ve come across!

Recently, I was shopping for a new infuser and knew I had to share some of my favorites. This was the most fun I’ve had shopping on Amazon in quite a while.

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Fun Loose Tea Infusers: Animals

If you’re looking for animal tea infusers, here are a few that will have your tea lover cracking a smile. I’m certainly grinning from ear-to-ear!

I cannot believe this. This tea infuser built into this cup is TOO cute and any cat lover is going to love it!

This “Nessie” tea infuser had me cracking up! The tea lover in your life could use a bit of wonder in the morning. The octopus infuser hangs down the side of the teacup (fun!), while the whale tea infuser has a nice handle, making it oh-so-easy to use.

Fun Tea Infusers Gifts for Tea Lovers

 Octopus Tea Infuser for Tea Lover Gifts Gifts for the tea lover Whale tea infuser



Sloths are just the most amazing creatures and this slow brew (get it?) infuser is adorable! Dinosaur lovers will be greeted with a smile each morning with the t-rex tea infuser and I can’t get over the relaxing vibes given off by this hippopotamus tea infuser.


Sloth tea infuser gift for a tea lover for Christmas

Tea lover gifts for the holidays

Gifts for the tea lover

Fun Loose Tea Infusers: General

Not to be outdone by some adorable animal friends, these loose tea lovers will enjoy these tea infusers. I have been singing the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” for days after coming across this submarine tea infuser. The deep-sea diver brings on a chuckle and is detailed well – check out the dive tank!

The umbrella tea infuser is fitting for Seattle and I might have bought one or two (okay, three) as gifts for my daughter’s play date moms.

Beatles Yellow Submarine tea infuser gift

Fun tea infusers for loose tea diver An umbrella tea diffuser for the loose tea lover in your life






Loose Tea Diffuser Gifts: Sets

Set of Tea Infusers for the loose tea lovers Fruit tea infuser set for loose tea gift Fun loose tea infusers gift ideas_Flower Pot Set







I decided on the “Nessie” tea infuser and the Flower Pot set for my collection this year. Which is your favorite?

P.S. If you want to give some loose tea, check out these popular choices of sampler sets (I love giving the Forte and Golden Moon collections because they are reasonably priced and delicious.

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    1. Me too, Tiffany. I totally went a bit ‘woo woo’ on buying them! :) I gave one to a neighbor and we laughed for at least 20 minutes – gotta love that.

  1. I love this! Even the snail ones that will hold onto the teabag. Great Ideas … may have to check a whole lot of these out – Can I just keep coming back to R&R and find them again since I don’t “do” Pinterest?

    1. Haha Of course you can keep coming back. I saw the snail ones that hold the tea bags and might have to get a set for my favorite peppermint tea. Thanks

  2. I drink a lot of tea but not much loose tea. I have never thought of getting an infuser however, I just might have to look into this and I love your suggestions.

    1. I love the loose tea, Amanda, but my tea infusers are all barely hanging on by a thread. I can’t wait until I get my new ones in. The packing crew at Amazon was probably like, “Who in the world orders this many tea infusers?” LOL