Ways to DIY Disney Mickey Ears That Will WOW Your Biggest Fan

There are a few ways to craft your own DIY Disney Mickey ears for fun, a Disney marathon, a Disney vacation, or to gift to a little one’s dress-up box. Here, we’re sharing 5 different methods (with examples) and even a big time-saving cheat to making your Disney mouse ears!

Disney Mouse Ear Tutorials Make Mickey Ears Yourself before Disney World or Disneyland

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How to Make Disney Mickey Ears – Tips You Need to Know

These aren’t the easiest things to make which is why some of us just buy them from Disney or through independent sellers. That being said, I have made my own Disney mouse ears and will tell you that there are two options to make your own:

Option 1: Buy mouse ear starters.

Mickey Mouse headbands are very inexpensive and are going to save you time. They include a headband which can be covered or left as-is.

  • PRO: This is best for beginner crafters or for those who want their children involved in making their own Disney mouse ears. It’s also great if you’re making a simple Mickey Mouse ear headband or a plain Minnie Mouse ear headband.
  • CON: They aren’t as sturdy as some of the other methods so if you’re making a keepsake, go another route.

Option 2: Make your own ears.

Below, I’ve included five different techniques so you can decide which will work best for you. You might even have everything on hand to make your own DIY mouse ears today! If you’re an experienced crafter and you aren’t frustrated by floral wire and hot glue, get your crafting on.

  • PRO: These will likely hold up longer than premade ear starters.
  • CON: Unless you have a heavy-gauge floral wire, try one of the other methods. All of these methods take more time and effort.

Mouse Ears Inspiration (Or If You Don’t Have Time to Make Them)

For those of you who aren’t exactly ‘crafty,’ our friends were heading to Disney and well, let’s just say Laura isn’t a crafter. She purchased the Ariel mouse ears below for her daughter and the Chewbacca mouse ears for her son. They are made so well!

Lilo and Stitch Mickey Ears – This movie is a big-time favorite in our house, so we are divided:

Ariel Mouse Ears (The Little Mermaid) – The purple Ariel mouse ears are my favorite, but you have choices. And oh my goodness, that dinglehopper!

Star Wars Mouse Ears – There are a BILLION of these out there…

Different Methods for DIY Disney Mouse Ears

Okay, so now to our DIY Disney Mickey ears tutorials and a breakdown of each method. I’ve tried almost everyone at this point and they work. As mentioned above, if you’re making a keepsake, dedicate the time to a sturdier build.

Floral Wire and Felt

If you have a little Moana fan, these Moana / Tafiti Disney mouse ears are ah-may-zing. She walks you through each step easily (she’s made a few mouse ears), so you will have no problem. She builds the ears using floral wire and felt, so if you have those on hand, this might be for you.

Fabric, Foam, and Batting

These Cinderella, Star Wars, Snow White, and Minnie Mouse ears are all built using foam and batting to build the ears. It’s not the easiest method, but you cannot argue with the results – they look very similar to the ears we’ve purchased at Disney.

Foam Core Board

Before I ever attempted to make a pair of Disney Mickey ears, this was my theory. I love her trick of using foam core board to make mouse ears. I have TONS of them from backdrops I’ve spilled stuff on. #messycrafter

If you have foam boards leftover from science projects or craft projects, click on through for her easy to follow tutorial and template.

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Mouse Ear Starters (Purchased)

This quick Disney mouse ears tutorial uses the mouse ear starts from Amazon. See? I told you they were handy! These really are the best for parties or playdates – each kiddo can design and decorate their own Disney Mickey ears easily.

Felt Only (or Craft Foam Only)

I love this style of felt Mickey Mouse ears because it’s super easy. We’ve made a couple of them and they are the perfect style of DIY mouse ears that the kids can make themselves.

Foam Maleficent Ears – If you’re a Disney villains fan, you can make these foam Maleficent Minnie ears with only craft foam and hot glue. Our templates make it easy and friends, they are sturdy!

close up of green fire on purple ears with black horns to form foam Maleficent ears

DIY Dumbo Mickey Ears – Isn’t the feather in his hat just the sweetest?! These are kid-made Mickey Mouse ears and are a perfect 30-minute craft.

gray felt DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears with hat on wood background with popcorn scatter

Jasmine Minnie Mouse Ears – We made these adorable Minnie ears using this same method. They are so quick to come together and the kids LOVE them!

Princess Jasmine Mickey Mouse ears on wooden background

Another felt only method you’re going to LOVE are these jaw-dropping Up Mickey Mouse Ears with such attention to detail, you’ll have everyone in the park oohing and ahhing over your creation!

Square image of a crafter assembling Mickey Ears from the Disney Movie up.

These Mickey Ears from felt are adorable and easy to put together. Use ONLY stiff felt like this, otherwise, you’ll have floppy ears – no one wants floppy Mickey ears! :)

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