Countdown To Travel Display with Free State Trivia Cards


I am joining Jen and her readers over at JENerally Informed today with a tutorial on how to set up this “Countdown to Travel Display” with free state trivia cards!

The little one and I are taking a very long trip together and we have about 50 days until we head out, so I thought a nice state trivia-filled countdown would be fun. In the tutorial, I share a free printable for 50 cards you can print to play a neat game of state trivia on your next road trip or just for a bit of summer fun (and learning).

Each day, I’ll put one of the state trivia cards in the box, along with a travel tip for Elise. Jeff and I call it ‘situational awareness,’ but when I was growing up, my parents called it, ‘this is how you’ll behave in public.’ She’s been on a flight before, but we’re thinking she doesn’t quite remember it. After all, Elise was only 6 months old. 

This trip will see a long flight, followed by a short flight, and ending with a bit of a drive before we reach our destination. It will take all day, but at least it’s all in the same day! 

I can’t tell you where we’re going because it’s a bit of a surprise to some of the folks at the destination, but I can tell you it is a long trip. This travel countdown calendar is our way of helping Elise get the tools she will need to manage travel stress and new the new experiences she’ll encounter during the trip. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by today and hop on over to visit JENerally Informed.

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