5 Reasons CoSchedule is Worthy

Today I’m sharing a CoSchedule review because I’ve been using this tool nearly everyday for more than 6 months. I will show you my real calendar and how I use it to make sure I maintain 3 months of content, stay organized, and even manage my social media strategy.

Bloggers Best TOOLS Editorial Calendar

Note: this post contains an affiliate link. If you click on the link you will not pay more – it’s just giving a nod to those of us who share with our friends a product we love. My full disclosure is here and thank you in advance for helping to keep this a free site! 

For those of you who read the last page of the book first: CoSchedule deserves a look and you can’t afford not to at least give it a try for two weeks (for free).

A CoSchedule Review?

Reviews are scarce here on the ‘Boots, but CoSchedule deserves to be shared. I have been using it daily for more than 6 months and I recommend it to every blogger on the WordPress platform. My Klout score has gone up more than 20 points (I’m currently hovering around a 62), my page views from Facebook and Twitter have increased and maintained those increased levels, and I have a plan that allows for quite a bit of freedom from all of my ‘smart’ devices.

Making a blogging tool work for me (and not the other way around) has proven more beneficial than I actually thought possible. I want others to benefit like I have. What have I gained?

Benefits of CoSchedule

Is it Worth It?

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In 2 minutes, I’ll show you the three ways I use CoSchedule the most and why I deem it more than just ‘worthy.’


CoSchedule: In-Post Content Promotion

CoSchedule gives me the ability to schedule social media shares, right in the WordPress post. I developed my overall social media strategy when I adopted CoSchedule because it changed the way I managed content (and not just my own).

When writing a post, I consider scheduling social shares a part of the writing process now and having this tool helps one to easily utilize a drip campaign for sharing content. To see how easy it is to schedule a share, watch either video. Here is the start of an actual set of shares within a post.

Multiple Share Messages

CoSchedule: Plan, Plan, Plan

Here’s a screen shot of my calendar for the rest of this week. The social messages you see have been scheduled, but the rest of my social media presence this week takes place live on various platforms – you can even see some of the tasks for those that I use as reminders.

More importantly, look at the stuff before the posts and shares… Tasks and notes help keep me on point, but more so they allow me to plan. I don’t create drafts in WordPress, opting to write in OneNote, but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan my posts in CoSchedule. If it’s in my plan as “POST,” it gets published. I can change my publish dates and my planned posts easily with CoSchedule.

My Working Calendar

I have my content, series structure, and even social shares booked out for 3 months at a time. Because of this tool, I have those completed posts waiting in OneNote to be pushed into WordPress based on my CoSchedule calendar. Once a task or note has been completed, I delete it and if it wasn’t completed, I move it to another day. Having my calendar filled out with scheduled WordPress posts, supplemented with tasks and notes, allows me to:

  • eliminate revisions and accidental publishing mistakes in WordPress,
  • maintain my desired posting schedule, and
  • make sure I’m offering my readers a diverse content base (printables, crafts, commentary, tutorials, etc.) because it’s all there at-a-glance.

CoSchedule: The Drag and Drop Feature

CoSchedule’s drag and drop feature is brilliant and is probably its most discussed feature because it saves time. I won’t go into detail because the video below shows it well, but with CoSchedule, I simply drag and drop the post and all of the social media shares follow.

Let that sink in… I pick it up, drop it, and it moves everything for me. Brilliant, right? Right. See how easy it is?

The Top 5 Features of CoSchedule

In just 2 minutes, Garrett Moon will take you through the top 5 features of CoSchedule. It’s worth the watch because this tool does so much more than what I’ve mentioned here.


Bottom Line: Is CoSchedule Worth The Cost?

Without a review, CoSchedule is $10 a month. Is it worth it? Yes. Yes. Yes! And with a CoSchedule review, you can get this blogging tool for only $5 a month for an entire year. If blogging is your hobby, know that hobbies cost a little money (hello, golf anyone?). I can sincerely tell you this is where a little money well spent can help you become better.

Give CoSchedule a try with this free 14 day trial. What do you think? Is CoSchedule something you’ll try?

Bloggers Best TOOLS Editorial Calendar

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  1. CoSchedule was one of the decided factors for me to switch from Blogger to WordPress – I kid you not. I love CoSchedule and it has done amazing things for keeping me organized in my postings and social media shares.

    Great review! I’ve been meaning to do one as well. I’ll have to get on that in the next few months.

    Thanks for sharing my friend.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words on my CoSchedule review – I really love it and can’t imagine using anything else now.

  2. I applied for a free trial :) If I become addicted, you will be the one to blame :)

    1. Haha, Marina – it’s definitely something I love but if it doesn’t work for you, there are so many other ways to manage things. I hope you find the one that works for you!

  3. I’ve just started using co-schedule regularly, and so far I’ve only really taken advantage of the social share options, which are amazing just by themselves. I’ll have to look into it further for notes and tasks, that sounds like it would be super useful to add!!

  4. I had no idea about the social shares! That is brilliant! You can keep your content out there for months! I need to do this and I know it will help. it’s just the initial learning curve and finding time to organize it all has kept me away. I know I will save time if just buckle down and do it.

    1. I really am amazed that it helps so much, Jen, and I don’t even use it to its full potential! Saving time is definitely something it’s helped me with and I hope you get to at least try it free.

  5. Being on blogger I don’t think we can use it but this is surely something worthwhile for those on WP. Just looking at this I’m tempted to make the switch but I don’t blog often enough (too many things happening right now in my personal life) that I can’t justify making the switch and paying for hosting etc as yet. One day though.