Coloring Cookies


Elise loves to help in the kitchen, and my 2014 hobby of sugar cookie decorating isn’t spared from her assistance. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together, making food and memories, but I do not usually include her in the cookie decorating. 

I had two sizable pre-iced cookies left from a batch and thought it was the perfect opportunity to let her join in on the cookie decorating fun. 

Click on “Read More” to see her creations and join in the sugary celebration!

Are you ever faced with the need for an activity so fast, it was needed 5 minutes ago? That bit of desperation is how this little fun was created – a fussy toddler who had no nap, faced with the witching hour, and requiring a less than 2 minute prep. 

The supplies list was pretty simple for this one: left over iced cookies and Wilton Extra-Fine Foodwriter Markers (partner link). After adding the kiddo, we were ready to begin. 


The best part of the creation process, as you can imagine, was to watch her choose the colors and describe what she was coloring. Needless to say, it was quite entertaining for the both of us.

She even tried to color the backs of the cookies and was frustrated she couldn’t see the colors as well. The backs were abandoned quickly. 

She was narrating her drawings for me and we had quite a few laughs as she would sort of ramble and then surprise herself when something she said was in line with the story she wanted to tell with her cookie. Elise was cracking both of us up almost the entire time! 

She asked me to help her decorate the second cookie, so I added the dots around the edges you see in the first picture. She kept saying, “I love you, Mommy,” so I also added that. The rest of these tasty treats were all the 2.5 year old. 

One of the best parts of this activity was that she would get to choose the piece of cookie we broke off to eat. Because these are pretty large cookies, we only have a bite or two of this sized cookie for dessert or a treat. 

Elise knows this, she would say things like, “I want to eat the little red apple I colored.” Another favorite of mine was, “Mommy, you can have some of the blue clouds because there are a lot of them to share.”  

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